Beck - The Information

Hailed as "a deeply natural songwriter" (The New Yorker) who "defies expectations in his
own way" (Time) and "Gen X’s most famous absurdist" (Blender), BECK is the single most
inventive and eclectic figure to emerge from the ‘90s alternative revolution. In an era obsessed with junk culture, Beck seamlessly blends pop, folk, hiphop, indie/underground and electronica with the end result being an authentically uncategorizeable musical style that nevertheless has sold millions of records and scored multiple Grammy awards.

Ocean Way, Hollywood, California (2006). Over a decade of criss-crossing genres makes it
easy to forget that Beck's first big hit was, essentially, a rap song. It's not surprising,
then, that about half of the songs on 2006's The Information are some shade of hip-hop,
house, or dance-floor funk. And while no one's going to mistake Beck for Young Buck, he
brings his own brand of intelligent, laid-back confidence to every track, from the
stuttering brilliance of "1000 BPM" to the lolling funk of "Elevator Music" to the lo-fi
house grooves of "Cellphone's Dead" to the 10 minutes of atmospheric chill-out that close
the album. But the presence of Nigel Godrich--who produced both the most beloved
(Mutations) and underrated (Sea Changes) of Beck's albums--insures that this isn't going to be a one-note affair. Godrich shapes the more pop-leaning songs into low-gloss gems,
exercising both imagination and restraint: the intensity of "New Round" comes not from big,
fancy production but from multiple layers of the same insistent vocal line.

"Think I'm in Love" is a sticky little garage-rocker with a hyper bass line, while
"Strange Apparition" is a bit of Laurel Canyon folk-rock amidst all the funk & crunk.
It's reassuring to know that on his seventh full-length album, neither Beck nor his
best collaborator have run out of fresh ideas.
Listen:Cellphone's Dead, Elevator Music

Jeremy Enigk - World Waits

Jeremy Enigk (pronounced ee-nihk) is currently the frontman for the melodic rock band The Fire Theft. However, Enigk's biggest claim to fame is his involvement with the now defunct band Sunny Day Real Estate.
Modern Music Review
I'm sure there are few people know about Jeremy Enigk but doesn't matter because if you want
to listen every artist you really have to spend many times or you have to love music really.As you know there are different fusion of rock music.This is the form of rock with orchestral strings and horns, all the while virtually denying the very existence of grunge, electronica, and other concurrent musical movements.Maybe it seems that it's closer to pop scene so,that's why we call it chamber pop.Also Chamber pop,indie rock,alternative pop/rock styles are too close and there is friendship between them.

Jeremy Enigk's new stuff "World Waits" (2006) is a melody cube which comes from the skies.You feel the mostly high and closer to clouds.Dreams,ethereal lyrics and guitar flowings.The most important melody "Damien Dreams" which is at the middle of the lp,and it's an exclamation about relationship.Following that "Wayward Love" reminded me glorious Syd Barett melodies,this song is a perfect flying.It really fits near an High Llamas song at once,Especially if this song is "Checking In, Checking Out" from High Llamas' amazing "Gideon Gaye".Basically,if you're an High Llamas,Belle & Sebastian,Divine Comedy or Eric Matthews listener you'll roundly love this one.He influenced from Nick Drake but this album the mostly sounds a John Lennon inspiration with lots of piano atractions (Dare a Smile,World Waits).I should add the closing song "Burn" is charming with strong vocals,dramatic pianos.

"World Waits" will touch you.
MM picks:A New Beginning, Damien Dreams, World Waits, Burn

Modern Music Singles

New great rock songs,also some old great classics.
1.Sleepy jackson - Devil Was In My Yard
2.Band of horses - The Great Salt Lake
3.Grizzly Bear - Knife
4.My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes (Flashback!)
5.Pulp - Joyriders (Flashback!)
6.Bob Seger - Wait For Me
7.Lloyd Cole - The Young Idealists
8.The Decemberists - O Valencia
9.Yo la tengo - Beanbag chair
10.Pete Yorn - For Us

Also you can find 50 great mp3 at Unarocks where i found some links to great songs Babyshambles - 'Fuck Forever',Tapes N Tapes - 'Cowbell' and a live 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea'.
I put "Sometimes" because i watched previous day again "Lost in Translation" which is one my fav. movie and i'm sure that Sometimes is a perfect soundtrack song its lyrics full of meaning."Joyriders" because it's the best song in Pulp's His'n'Hers.

The Melvins - A Senile Animal

Modern Music Review
I don't know if you listened Melvin's "Houdini"?If you know their "Houdini" you know how powerful/monolithic-sounding crazy band they're."(A) Senile Animal" their first studio album,under the name of The Melvins, since 2002's Hostile Ambient Takeover.

The Melvins' second release of 2006,"A Senile Animal", sees longtime members -- guitarist Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover -- joined by both members of noise duo Big Business (bassist Jared Warren and drummer Coady Willis).

The album definitely is including some reformist metal sounds which are properly suitable for new alternative metal sounds.Also it feels that you are in a industrial factory with three long closing songs(A History of Bad Men,the Mechanical Bride,A Vast Filthy Prison).You should hear "Civilized Worm" to realize the dark,at the same time colourful drums,guitar solos --amazingly rocking.

They don't reduce their sound plus they add various materials their sounds without leaving heavy metal or grunge.You can find lots of overdone metal bands around,but The Melvins are running on a different lane.Their "(A) Senile Animal" is kicking,beating and burning.Drums are awesome at songs "the Hawk","You've Never Been Right", it beats any bad air that your place has.Also it brings creatures from hell!Listen carefully end of the songs,Yeah i know this drums will explode someday!

Open the gates!"(A) Senile Animal" is coming with rocking non-stoping riffs,head blowing drums.Altogether, it's a lucid work.

MM picks:Civilized Worm,the Hawk,A History of Bad Men
the melvins myspace
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Lloyd Cole - Antidepressant

Modern Music Review
Antidepressant (2006), English cult singer/songwriter Lloyd Cole's eighth album after
the previous " Music in a Foreign Language" (2003) features a lot of calm,beautiful adult alternative melodies.

Pleasant, pure and reposeful new album of Lloyd Cole which he says 'with my medication i'll be fine' in this fresh lp and i should say his voice sounds great.
You feel the light and it caresses you at the same time it touches you. Successful pianos in 'I Didn't See It Coming' and 'How Wrong Can You Be?' are worth to see, also there are bright guitar compositions combine with Lloyd calm, ripe vocals.

'New York City Sunshine' which is a brilliant melody."How Wrong Can You Be?" is at the top with its lyrics and it flying country oriented electric guitars. Album is usually based on singer/songwriting."Everysong" has harmonica tunes and this sounds it's like an Bob Dylan, Neil Young song."I Am Not Willing" is an another song which shows Lloyd's Lou Reed admiration.

"Travelling Light" take you to a short walk around your feelings and this melody proves you can make impressive songs with ordinary melodies. "Rolodex Incident" is another proof for hold this album up and up. Little shining guitars walk around the piano keys and it was absolutely a pleasure to use this new Antidepressant formula of Lloyd Cole. I recommend this one for who believes in power of lyrics.
Official Lloyd Cole
MM picks:Antidepressant,How Wrong Can You Be?,Travelling Light
Listen:The Young Idealist, Woman In A Bar
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Yo La Tengo - I'm Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

Modern Music Review
After over 20 years of never quite being fully appreciated for their often excellent avant-garde indie rock, Yo La Tengo seem to have turned nasty, judging by the title of this latest release.

Yo La Tengo is a good band but still they haven't had an explosion,i've listened a lot of great works of them.However you can find some weak sides in every album of them.Their music so alternative to those sounds and it takes time to eat the melodies."I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" which was their 1997 lp still my fav. cd."I Will Beat Your Ass" (2006) is complately stunning experience but for listeners who only love to listen some adulterated,noisy music.So it takes too many times to argue about position "I Will Beat Your Ass".

'This is Yo La tengo on snug autopilot.'New Musical Express

Maybe it really kicks ass with songs "Beanbag Chair","The Race Is On Again","Sometimes I Dont Get You".Anyhow,no need to exaggerate the things.Album opening track "Pass The Hatchet" which points some Velvet Underground influence including heavy indie type guitar shooting.Following that soft noise pop melody "Beanbag Chair"."I Feel Like Going Home" which is slower than previous song and absolutely John Cale style melodic piano and violin oriented work.Then we listen "Mr Tough",asking myself what was that?We listened the darkest song
of the album,then Mr Tough comes with its semi cheerful,semi worried tunes.

I should say there aren't any connections between some songs.Sometimes they sound they
come from different albums.They generally blend piano and noise in this one.So it wasn't news for me,that's for sure you're talking about American indie rock band Yo La Tengo.Honestly,this is a good album but i didn't find this one charming or beating ass.Anyway,If you love blended indie music,truly this album is for you!

MM picks:Mr Tough,Black Flowers,The Race Is On Again,Sometimes I Dont Get You
Listen: The Story of Yo La Tango(...)

Counting Crows - Films About Ghosts

Album of the week
Counting Crows always seemed a little older than their years, so it somehow seemed appropriate when they arrived at certain milestones a little earlier than their peers. They released their first live album, an exhaustive double-disc set, just two albums into their career, then, two albums later, they issued Films About Ghosts: The Best of..., their first compilation. Part of the reason they're issuing a compilation after just four studio albums may be that they've arrived at the end of the recording contract with Geffen and this ties up loose ends, but it's also been ten years since the band broke through with their debut August and Everything After and their first hit, "Mr. Jones," so it's a good time to take stock and recap their first decade. Films About Ghosts does offer an accurate summary of those ten years, even if it's not a complete one. While this generous 16-track compilation includes all of the major hits -- "Round Here," "A Long December," "Hanginaround," "Mr. Jones," and even the non-LP modern rock chart-topper "Einstein on the Beach (For an Eggman)" -- it does overlook three charting singles from their first two albums("A Murder of One," "Daylight Fading," "Have You Seen Me Lately"), substituting album tracks, and two new recordings produced by Brendan O'Brien (the good new single "She Don't Want Nobody Near," an enjoyable but superfluous cover of the Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil") instead. Add to this a deliberately non-chronological sequencing that prevents the album from giving proper momentum, and Films About Ghosts isn't as ideal a compilation as it could have been, but these are rather minor issues, since it does contain the great majority of the Counting Crows' hits and concert staples and, in doing so, it provides a listen that's as enjoyable, frustrating, and rewarding as the band's proper albums. And that means it's a fine summary of the group's stint at Geffen, an era that might have resulted in just four albums in ten years, but did provide a bunch of good music, much of which can be heard here.
A great collection.
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The Decemberists - The Crane Wife

The Crane Wife (2006) is the upcoming album by The Decemberists, currently slated to be released on October 3, 2006.

The album was inspired by a Japanese folk tale, and will center around two song cycles, The Crane Wife and The Island, the latter of which is said to be "in the twelve-minute range.
Autumnal songs with old Japanese folk tale.
Modern Music Review
The Crane Wife refers ten miserable songs to listeners.Opening song and the long second (12 min) are difficult to analyze or understand,actually it paralyses you,complicated folk and indie tunes,screaming vocals.You shouldn't put a long song at the opening of cd.If you do that you encourage people to think like 'This album won't finished' or 'Oh,which song i was listening,i need to look its name'.So listener drowned,you were late."Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)" which is a song Duet with Laura Veirs has still the same fagged atmosphere.

Thanks to God!"O Valencia" and "The Perfect Crime 2" have arrived and saved us!Because Sadness and specious joyful balanced in this two song clean up the things.Still "O Valencia" hasn't got such as wonderful lyrics which are mainly so cliche 'Valencia And I’ll burn this whole city down.' but "The Perfect Crime 2" is really attractive,more alive and kicking.Following that "When The War Came" which is vigorous indie pop melody,most notably in the direction of progressive rock with a strong folk influence.The guitars are routinely the same in this song.

After three strong song,The sound changes to folk melodies story goes on with an acustic guitar
on the backround.I liked "Shankill Butchers" more than the two opening songs "The Crane Wife 3" and the other long named one.The Story of the Crane Wife is mostly strong,lyrics are successful.

Quote from "Shankill Butchers":
The shankill butchers run tonight
They're waiting until the dead of the night
They're picking at their fingers with their knives
And whiping off their cleavers on their thighs

"Summersong" is one the strongest effort from The Crane Life,you should listen this one,
enchanting."The Crane Wife" doesn’t seem to push the boundaries as much as Colin would like.
It’s primarily a sad album, with almost every song on the album featuring a deranged or
sad tale.Especially song like "Summersong","The Crane Wife 1 And 2","Sons And Daughters"
are the strongest end of album songs."Summersong" which is so effective and folk influenced
melody.You won't be disappointed with The Crane Wife,because they didn't change the distinctive Decemberists melodies and welcome nice new songs!
MM picks:The Perfect Crime 2,Shankill Butchers,Summersong
Listen:Summersong(...), O Valencia(...)
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The Official Decemberists Site

Eric Clapton

English guitarist, singer and composer, who is one of the most respected and influential musicians of the rock era, garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Although Clapton's musical style has varied throughout his career, it has always remained rooted in the blues. Clapton is credited as an innovator in several phases of his career, which have included blues rock (with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and The Yardbirds) and hard rock (with Cream). Clapton has also achieved great chart success in genres ranging from Delta blues (Me and Mr. Johnson) and psychedelic rock ("Sunshine of Your Love") to pop ("Change the World") and reggae ("I Shot the Sheriff").

Eric Clapton Biography

Rated Clapton Albums:
Eric Clapton
461 Ocean Boulevard
No Reason to Cry
Another Ticket
E.c. Was Here
Behind Sun
24 Nights
Bb king riding with king

Eric Clapton's official site

Eric Matthews - Foundation Sounds

Modern Music Review
After leaving Cardinal, He released out two pretty good albums in the mid-1990s and then disappeared after 97, only to suddenly resurface last year with a seven-song EP. And now, a year later, with a 17-song album. With a five-song EP attached to the limited edition.
That is a ton of songs, and what's more, they sound pretty much exactly like the stuff you were releasing 10 years ago.

Maybe he's keeping what he'd done.All i know,it's very exciting to hear his gloomy,gentle voice again.It's raining cats and dogs out here and Eric's "Foundation Sounds" (2006) helps me to have a good time with my couple of coffee."Death Of In Between" gets meaning by the rain drops,glorious lyrics and its experienced vocal capacity.Actually "Foundation Sounds" is an amazing album which contains mostly pastoral,autumnal,nocturnal moods.Surely,it's appropriate for adult music listeners,also you can interested in this album if you love jazzy tunes with indie pop style.Don't expect energic tunes,it's totally slow moving album with its slow guitar spinnings,its vocal and lyrical sensibility."Courage" sounds and proves 'i'm the standout song' itself,really a true exclamation.

"Foundation Sounds" love to hide its power because it's not kind of album which you can love at
first listening.Besides,if you loved one album at first listen ,then you would become bashful at
fourth or fifth listen.

There was a song "my morning parade" from "The Lateness of the Hour" album,i know it was great song.Say welcome to "All That Remains","my morning parade"s new brother.If you like Singer/Songwriter style you shouldn't miss this album.There are great lyrics like "Survive","Start Of The Meltdown".
He loves to use trumpet in his songs,i love them too which sounds great when it unites with Eric's velvet voice.I listen his works with Divine Comedy,Elliott Smith,Nick Drake,Belle & Sebastian and Aluminum Group...I know these are great names.If you love music,you love "Foundation Sounds".

MM picks:Courage,Start Of The Meltdown,Sounds Of Flight.
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Pulp - His'n'Hers (Deluxe Edition 2006)

After years of obscurity, Pulp shot to stardom in Britain with 1994's His 'n' Hers.
By the time Different Class was released at the end of October 1995, the band,
particularly lead singer Jarvis Cocker, were genuine British superstars, with two number
two singles and a triumphant last-minute performance at Glastonbury under their belts,
as well as one tabloid scandal. On the heels of such excitement, anticipation for
Different Class ran high, and not only does it deliver, it blows away all their previous
albums, including the fine His 'n' Hers.

There are eleven song on the first cd,at the second cd some great demo works plus
high-quality B-sides."Street Lites" and "His 'N' Hers" being particularly excellent.
This is one the greatest britpop album.It isn't impossible to understand its power from
a review,so you should listen.In my opinion,Pulp's best success is their playful tunes combine
with adult melodies(also vocals,lyrics) at the sametime.So that makes His N' Hers suitable for
every age.It's not a limited sound or release,you can enjoy whenever you listen.Also lyrics
are so bittersweet,theatrical sometimes very ironic.

Most notably works are "Joyriders","Acrylic Afternoons"and "Babies"."Do You Remember the First Time?", a song where Jarvis really stretches his vocals to the limit, yelping over the crunch of guitar."She's A Lady" sounds too exaggerated with the new version and same in song "Pink Glove".However,great guitar melodies cover this dull disco beats.

Maybe,you'll have complaints about they're releasing too many remaster,deluxe or best offs in these days but there's no harm to remember classics.So,maybe some young souls are going to discover these gems.
MM pickc:Joyriders,Have You Seen Her Lately?
Listen:The Boss (demo), Frightened (demo) (...)

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

Modern Music Classics
This is a true value,a real journey to the unknown music places.My Bloody Valentine's magnum opus, the epitome of the shoegazing genre, and one of the most influential albums of the 1990s.Peerless atmosphere,(Only Shallow) passionate,(Touched) song of the peace,(To Here Knows When) heaven,(When You Sleep) ethereal passing,(Come In Alone) words get value .All the songs are practically tangible or they're unattainable.Loveless intimates sensuality and sexuality instead of stating them explicitly; Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher's vocals meld perfectly with the trippy sonics around them, suggesting druggy sex or sexy drugs.You want to scream but your voice is disappearing,So 'I Only Said' is your guide.Volatile sound efects and flying guitar solos instantly pass through your ear,reach your brain.Don't be afraid from power of "Loveless",just let it go the melodies.If you wanna stop listening,sorry it's not possible because 'Sometimes' is playing - song of the city loneliness,sadness of tears,noise of dismay...
Loveless romantic,sensual,sexy truly a masterpiece.
More about loveless
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Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time

This is the full-length debut for the Seattle band (featuring members of the now defunct Carissa's Wierd) that has drawn comparisons to, among others, Neil Young.

Modern Music Review
Seattle, WA's Band of Horses plays dense, aching mid-tempo indie rock reminiscent
of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Formed in 2004 by multi-instrumentalists Ben Bridwell
and Matthew Brooke out of the ashes of former incarnation Carissa's Wierd,the group caught the attention of Sub Pop during a show with friends and future lablemates Iron & Wine.

I've wanted to write few words about this comely album.So,get ready for the charming melodies
,from the beginning till the end.So Liquid songs,delightful vocals which is very similar with
Neil Young,The Flaming Lips.Actually i used to listen great debuts from indie bands.
there are a lot indie band around i know.So you should ask which one is good or bad?I think,
it's hard to answer this one but i guarantee Band of Horses is really great if you need to listen
some bewitching style.Because their debut mostly sounds Dramatic,dreamy,bright.
I won't pick any song because everysong is truly awesome.It's as stunning a debut as I've heard in a long time.But if you prefer variety in a album.There isn't much style variety among the songs; they basically all sound similar.The most important point is it's getting too slow close to the end.You body is freezing,heart beats to become slow or mild and with closing song 'St. Augustine' there isn't anything to do for escape creative side of the album."Everything All the Time" (2006) fountain debut of the year,timeless,ambitious.

MM picks:Wicked Gil,The First Song
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The Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops

Revealing a sharp songwriting instinct and unfolding a distinct indie rock influence, Secret Machines unveil singular scenarios and refined tunes within the alternative pop/rock scene.
MM review
This is the sophomore set from the Texas-founded (and now New York-based) band known for its epic, proggy, psychedelic sound.After the marvellous "Now Here Is Nowhere",they still hold different indie rock tunes in their hand with "Ten Silver Drops".But it's hard to say "Ten silver Drops" is more powerful than "Now here is Nowhere".'Alone, Jealous And Stoned' sounds usual,Mercury rev dream pop sound...All At Once (It's Not Important) is an epic great space rock,dream pop combo.Considering Michael Hutchence vocals with Bono would be very nonsense,i saw some critics said that.Because of Bono uses clearer tones i don't see that he sings in a fuzzy way.In my opinioun,Secret Machines can't be Similar with U2.I saw U2 love to release pop albums.This stuff rocks!

'The result is a spiritual sibling to such previous great, emotionally raw ruminations on shattered personal lives as Phil Collins' Face Value and Beck's Sea Change.'rating:91 Entertainment Weekly

These are beautiful songs, as delicate as they are rocking and heavy like 'I Hate Pretendng','Faded Lines'.Also some alternative skywaves,dreamy guitars,complicated amazing vocals...I said the previous album more essential but this doesn't mean this album isn't well enough.This is rocking too.Ecspecially,don't go to bed without listening 'Daddy's In The Doldrums' ,gorgeous melody.You can remember Led Zeppelin with this one!

'Ten Silver Drops' is definitely growing on you time after time,don't miss this great stuff.If you want to rock on space,then keep listening!
MM picks:Daddy's In The Doldrums,I Hate Pretendng
Listen:Alone, jealous and stoned
The Secret Machines Page
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Fleetwood Mac - English Rose

MM classics
Under the direction of Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac is heard as a British blues group, although its most notable performances are on Green's original tunes "Black Magic Woman" and "Albatross," both British hits.

The opening track 'Stop Messin' Round' from Fleetwood Mac's second album finds the band at once staying true to their authentic blues roots while expanding arrangements.'Jigsaw Puzzle Blues' instrumental great blues work.

A whimsical, almost Depression-era blues ballad, "Doctor Brown" is led by a vibrato-laden
guitar riff from Jeremy Spencer.

'Something Inside of Me' Paranoia, sadness, and depression are all subtexts here and all are couched in an emotionally charged blues.
The song rocks harder than many of the band's efforts on their debut, and it is a great example of Fleetwood Mac flexing their muscle.

One of the highlights of the early Fleetwood Mac catalog, "Love That Burns" showcases Peter Green's command of a slow blues. Emotionally charged and intense lyrics touch upon some classic blues imagery; the failing of a romance, as usual, is the main subject matter.

"Albatross" provided the band with a huge international hit in 1969. Combining blues, Bahamian, Caribbean, and calypso music, Peter Green created a truly unique musical synthesis. Built around a simple blues pattern, Green and the band added fabulous and somewhat eccentric shading, and the overall effect is, without a doubt, intoxicating.

Very bluesy Fleetwood Mac classic album "English Rose" which includes twelve incredible
blues songs.Every song is great without any discussion.Passionate vocals,good-natured
guitars,playful tunes, excellent solo sections show us that it never gets old.
Fleetwood Mac official site
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Modern Music Events

Chosen New Rock Singles
1.Tv on the radio - Wolf Like Me
2.Radio birdman - you just make it worse
3.Sleepy jackson - Devil Was In My Yard
4.Pete Yorn - For Us
5.Junior Boys - In The Morning
6.Grizzly Bear - Knife (New!)
7.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - cursed sleep
8.Audioslave - Original Fire
9.Bob Seger - Wait For Me (New!)
10.Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon (New!)

From Readers:
The Longcut released an album called 'A Call And Response' in the UK earlier this year,
EP called 'Idiot Check' that came out in August and the forthcoming single 'A Tried And Tested Method' comes out early in October..Sometimes plain disco beats can be annoying but i liked the single,It is modest, lucid and tender.Also listen A Last Act another experimental,indie tune.I know it sounds closer with Sonic Youth.Their Myspace page

An animated music video from Atomic swindlers, it's been in five international film festivals and was featured in last months Paste Magazine and i can say it's a fantastic video and beautiful melody Watch it , Another link.And sex66 is a good song from their 2004 album Coming Out

Thanks For other who mailed to me,i'm reading all of they but it takes time to write something down and there are lots of mail.I know you like MM,cool!

Bob Seger - Face The Promise

On September 12th, Capitol Records will release Face The Promise, Bob Seger's
first studio album in 11 years. Face The Promise (2006) opens a masterful new chapter in a songbook that has captured the dreams, ideals, yearnings and truths of the American experience for a remarkable forty years. The album’s lead-off single is entitled “Wait For Me.”This is also his first studio album since It's a Mystery in 1995.

MM review:
There are some albums which you don't like at your first listen.But after a while you can see that you missed somethings with the album.Then suddenly,everywhere turn great places which you haven't been there before.

At the same time,there are some kind of albums which you like a little it at your first
listen,but after a while you turn to listening again your favorite albums.So i call
this kind of record as a sluggish album.It doesn't notice you even if you noticed it.
So that shows You probably will never play it more than once or twice.

Actually 'Face The Promise' isn't a terrible record,there are remarkable songs ,but don't forget you're talking about Bob Seger,You can't forget his previous works like "Seven","Live Bullet","Night Moves".it's easy to feel routine atmosphere of the album, hard to find some excitement,newness or melodic rock & roll hooks.

'The strength of the album... involves how, with tons of melody and tone and a little cheese, Seger fearlessly remains Seger.'Rolling Stone

'No Matter Who You Are' and 'Are You' sound front haggard Seger vocals and some back black female vocals.Similarity between the songs is plain to see.You can use 'Face The Promise' as
a great road song.'The Answer's In The Question' duet with Patty Loveless.'Real Mean Bottle' another duet song with Kid Rock.'Won't Stop' is emotional,sound more heartland rock and it feels giving a chance to 'Face to Promise' wouldn't be wrong.
The song 'Simplicity' is a reason to cheer for the fans but again It is not persuasive.Closing song 'Long Goodbye' which is totally careworn,exhausted work.

It often feels sluggish despite various melodic tunes.It's an average rock'n roll album.
MM picks:Won't Stop,Between,Simplicity
The official Bob Seger website
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Wire - A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck

MM Classics
Wire's return to full-time active duty came as something of a surprise. Colin Newman, Bruce Gilbert, and Graham Lewis (the latter two both separately and as the duo Dome) had been growing increasingly abstract and non-rock in the six years since the group had split up, but 1988's A Bell Is a Cup...Until It Is Struck is, at heart, an album full of pop songs. Admittedly, they're mainly peculiar pop songs full of stream-of-consciousness lyrics ("Money spine paper lung kidney bingos organ fun," goes the chorus of the catchiest song, sung by Newman in a dreamy reverie as if the unrelated non sequiturs were just another love song) and produced in an oddly detached way that emphasizes the atmospheres over the melodies, but they're pop songs nonetheless. Newman and Lewis coat the songs with overdubbed layers of gentle guitars, treated and phased into waves of sound that ebb and flow around the songs over Gilbert's throbbing bass and Robert Gotobed's dancefloor-based rhythms. Arguably Wire's best album and certainly its most accessible, A Bell Is a Cup...Until It Is Struck is a work of modern rock genius. The CD includes four bonus tracks, including a thoroughly reworked alternate version of "The Queen of Ur and the King of Um" and a chugging eight-minute live version of "Drill."
Well one of my favorite album stands right here.
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John Cale - Paris 1919 Remastered Edition

This ain't a new album review
[Reprise; 1973;WEA International; 2006]
MM Review
It's wanderful to hear again John Cale classics 'Hanky Panky Nohow',
'Child's Christmas In Wales' and the brilliant work 'The Endless Plain Of Fortune'.
This literary work which is also absolutely essential listening,a John Cale
classic his most accessible record.There are few albums which have only their atmosphere only their style.Obviously,Paris 1919 is that kind of album including its own poetic and music.Growing royal melodies(The Endless Plain Of Fortune), entertaining waggish guitar beat(Macbeth), beauty of snowy wheaters (Child's Christmas In Wales), sorrowful lyrics with orchestral tunes (Paris 1919), weird but cute cuts(Graham Greene), brilliant tunes majestic lyrics (Antarctica Starts Here)...

For this lavish new remastered edition, Rhino UK has unearthed 11 previously
unreleased rehearsals and alternate takes,including one completed outtake.
There are great alternate version of the songs.Piano Mix of song Paris 1919 is really
worth to listen,it's longer than the original version.Paris 1919 is one the best
effort in 1973,you'll love this new edition which was a masterpiece the original version.
MM picks:The Endless Plain Of Fortune
Listen:Hanky Panky Nohow(Drone Mix), Andalucia(Alternate Version), Macbeth(Rehearsal)(...)
Also check out:
Lou Reed - Berlin

Grizzly Bear - Yellow House

A succesfull post-rock/experimental album of the year
The new material that comprises Yellow House (2006) puts the band at the vanguard of
contemporary song writing. The album was self-recorded during an idyllic summer. The makeshift studio was provided by Droste's mom's living room in a yellow
house just off Cape Cod.

'The lo-fi has gone large-scale, each song slowly unfurling to reveal dense,
dreamy rhythms, choirs of silky voices and opulent melodies rich in atmospherics.'The Guardian

Magical, haunting melodies are still their mainstay. Grizzly Bear always craft their songs from start to finish - meticulous instrumentation and arrangements are their specialty. On Yellow House, Grizzly Bear still flex their lo-fi connoisseurship, but with a better recording - DIY embellished with Taylor's fine sonic engineering acumen. Droste and Rossen share initial song writing
duties, although the entire band collaborates to breath life into the tracks.

MM review
Like Jim O'Rourke,High Llamas,Mercury Rev, you feel Grizzly Bear's music in yourself.
Natural atmosphere goes on till the last track.'Lullabye' a velvet melody which is also
very solid like a rock.'Knife' including some Beach Boys vocal styles and combines it
some Post/Rock tunes.The result was awesome.They improved their songwriting.'Central and Remote'sounds more serious than other song and middle song 'Plans' is a good balance for album."Yellow House" is truly spinning around you,charming and it's impossible to be unimpressed.

First impressions:Actually it's very hard to understand too many things from a post-rock/ experimental album at your first listen. Honestly i felt a lot of from "Yellow House",
wheather of country , bunch of flowers, grief of natural life, nameless happiness...

MM picks:Lullabye,knife,Plans
Listen:Lullabye, On A Neck, On A Spit
Official site of Brooklyn-based group Grizzly Bear

Nouvelle Vague - Bande A Part

Cover Album
French retro-futurists Nouvelle Vague aren't just a one-off musical kitsch deal,
as they're setting out to prove with their second collection of bossa nova takes
on '70s and '80s punk and new wave songs.Bande à Part (2006) is French bossa nova group Nouvelle Vague's second album.Bande A Part finds the duo of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux transforming and slowing down such classics as Blondie's "Heart Of Glass," Echo And The Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon," The Cramps' "Human Fly" and New Order's "Blue Monday." Several different singers take care of the vocals.

Modern Music Review
Opening track "Killing Moon" is so majestic and awesome it doesn't need any praise at all.
But for the second song,i do not prefer to listen a song which was an energic,truly classic of Buzzcock,because Buzzcocks had some kind of cheer,fun,lovely melody in their song,i see that Nouvelle changes this side of the old song unites with bossa nova style.This can be an emrassment
for classic punk rock lovers ,your ears wants the original version anyway,but "Dance With Me" is a reason for forget this,with its warm melody combinations.Sometimes vocals seem always the same but shiny melodies are really cover it."Don't Go"(Yazoo cover) including some changing with the vocals."Blue Monday" is so ordinary cover and worse than the original version.Anyhow,
There are resolute tunes such as Human Fly,Bela Lugosi's Dead...

"Bande A Part" doesn't include not-related sounds,Tunes are faithful even if
original version of songs are from too many different styles.But sometimes a little it repeats
itself however if you love Bossa nova style you'll like the whole album.
Cute female vocals are worth to see.
MM picks:Killing Moon,Don't Go,Human Fly
Listen:Bela Lugosi's Dead
Nouvelle Vague official website

Great Female Vocals of Rock Scene

This sunday i prepared seven female voices for you to listen.All of them magnificent,so what we got?Soaring vocals of Grace Slick(Jefferson airplane),a dream pop queen Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star),Orgasmic vocals of Johnette Napolitano (concrete blonde) , Harriet Wheeler who was vocalist of British indie band The Sundays.Kim Deal who known for her work in the seminal alternative rock bands Pixies and The Breeders.Gothic vocals of Siouxsie Sioux(Siouxsie & the Banshees),popular singer Fiona Apple and one of my favorite singer/songwriter Marianne Faithfull.

Jefferson airplane - Surrealistic pillow
Marianne faithfull - Broken english
Mazzy star - She hangs brightly
Concrete blonde - Mexican moon
Breeders - Last splash
Siouxsie banshees - the rapture
Fiona apple - Tidal

Soft Cell

Modern Music 80s
Bring on the carnival people!” barks the authoritative voice of a stage manageress, who is trying to instill a sense of urgency into the final dress rehearsal before a rare live Top Of The Pops
broadcast, now only three hours away.

In the coffee bar outside the studio nobody responds. Well, going by the gaudy array of costumes, she could be calling anyone, be they the Dollar drum majorettes, the cosmopolitan-clothed Funkapolitan or even the assembled cast of the BBC’s next prestige production Nancy Astor, what with their showy Victorian evening dress.

As it happens, she’s paging the obvious: the train of mardi gras extras brought along to illustrate Modern Romance’s ridiculous and opportunistic ‘Everybody Salsa’. Evidently the producer’s
limited idea of “good television” overrules quality control.Aware of TOTP’s visual limitations, John Foxx – looking like a stylish cross between Rhett Butler and Beau Brummell– has assembled his own props. “Meet my drummer,” he says,introducing the majestic bust he’s carrying under his arm. His TV group is fl eshed out by human sculptures Eddie Maelov,
resplendent in Noel Coward lounge suit, and Sunshine Patterson,in elegant evening gown.

“He’s here to remake The Great Gatsby,” John joshes Eddie.
“And Sunshine’s, eh, late for the wedding,” Eddie kids his partner.Meanwhile a bunch of offi ce boys have strayed onto the set – oh my God it’s OMD after a colour supplement primer in American preppiness.
Sitting in the middle of this fanciful costume ball, this week’sNumber one unit Soft Cell appear to be Cinderellas – and that’s despite singer Marc Almond’s wristloads of bracelets and studs and
the brassy gold necklaces dangled around his neck. Bemused by their chart bedfellows. Soft Cell scan this evening’s roll call.

“John Foxx, Gary Numan, Teardrop Explodes, Orchestral Manoeuvres, us – it’ll be dry ice a go-go tonight,” predicts Marc with a giggle and a groan.
Actually, Numan couldn’t make it but he has sent his video.So, apart from The Human League, who weren’t invited although ‘Love Action’ had yo-yoed up to a Number Three, tonight’s TOTP
is a valuable survey of the ever evolving electro-disco beat – from pioneer John (Ultra) Foxx, through popularisers Numan and OMD to former pupils Soft Cell.Read more...
Recommended Soft Cell Albums:
Soft cell - non stop erotic cabaret
Very best of soft cell
Soft cell - live 2003

The official Marc Almond web site


Modern Music underrated bands
This band could be one of the influential band 90s and 00s but unfortunately Geoff Farina (former and leader) developed hearing problems due to twelve years of performance with Karate and was forced to disband the group in July, 2005. Their final show was played in Rome, Italy on July 10th, 2005.

They had deserved more than that,actually this band had lots of great compositions.They haven't got any crap,worthless song.Every song of them is another taste,another glory.I don't judge listeners like 'why did you listen Karate's album?' though.Because i see that it's hard to reach their music.I don't understand people they don't support bands with listening them at least(or with buying their albums,watching their live performances) but after they disbanded,they are voting those bands as their favorite. I didn't see any blog(tv chanel,radio etc.) posting about them previous years.Modern Music isn't a commercial project so i won't stop to post about these fantastic bands or musicians.

The most effective side of them is their pop jazzy glorious sound,their pleasent guitar solos plus their peerless vocals.Geoff Farina vocal performance is the timeless one.By this point, the group had refined its sound, removing the choppy, indie/emo elements in favor of a more disciplined approach that emphasized its jazz influence.
Karate - In Place Of Real Insight
With creative and powerful song structures and excellent vocals, this Massachusetts band is definitely one that should not be overlooked.Indie rock and jazz combinations are unbelievable
You can listen the album several times without get bored.New Martini,maybe you heard about the song which is very energic independent melody.Again songs like "It's 98 Stop","New New","Die Die"(dark guitar solos,atmosperic indie tunes) are the main reasons for adoring and devotion.You will never guess unless you listen.
P.S:I'll be posting more about them keep reading.

Modern Music Karete Top 5
  1. With Age
  2. The last wars
  3. Die Die
  4. Diazapam
  5. New Martini
Geoff Farina's personal Web page
Karate's page on Southern Records

Modern Music Events

Top New Modern Music Rock Singles
1.Steely dan - Do it again
2.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - cursed sleep
3.Tv on the radio - Wolf Like Me
4.Radio birdman - you just make it worse
5.Luna - Lovedust
6.Pete Yorn - For Us
7.Sleepy jackson - Devil Was In My Yard (New!)
8.Kasabian - Empire
9.Junior Boys - In The Morning (New!)
10.Audioslave - Original Fire (New!)

Ten different music styles,and ten brilliant singles.As you know Steely Dan had released Definitive Collection and i chose their classic hit "Do it Again".
Also here is Top 5 songs of the week! by IndiependentMusic.

From Readers:
Cover songs from a Reader:
Hi,I'm Dfactor, NYC singer-songer-rocker-blogger. My 2006 series "12 Covers-12 Months" of rock song covers continues over at here.'I listened his four cover which sounds rocking!Specially
a cool version of Guided by Voices "The Brides Have Hit Glass".You can download more cover song of Dfactor at here.

From Jennifer Chang:
I came across your music while searching for sites related to contemporary music, and I noticed that your site has an impressive readership.
Workman recently published a book called "The Complete How to Kazoo", which is a book that, as expected, teaches readers how to play the kazoo. It is also part of a larger campaign to make the kazoo the national instrument of the United States! Really! This is an actual campaign, with thousands of backers writing letters to their congressmen in support of the cause.
Here is the link to the campaign video

Joyful video from a MM reader:
I watched the video from Dolly Daggers linked below,Sure their music doesn't sound proffesional but i really enjoyed with the clip.Watch Now!

I'm reading all of your good wishes about Modern Music and i really listen all of your songs thank you interested in MM.

TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain

TV on the Radio is a New York City avant-garde indie-rock vocal band formed in
2001 whose music spans genres as diverse as free jazz, a cappella/doo-wop, psychedelia,
trip-hop and electro.
David Bowie guests on the highly-anticipated second LP (and major-label debut)from the distinctive NYC band.
Don't missed out this Pere Ubu,David Bowie influenced great band.MM
Modern Music Review
'I Was a Lover' opens 'Return to Cookie Mountain'(2006) with soul vocal combination with dirty sound loops.You can feel they're using augers on your head,one of the drastic work,also catching pianos feeding bland soul vocals.Song followed by the howl-along windswept pop of ’Hours’.

But this isn't so easy to dive in the sound of the album.Ready for a real Heart attaCk
with the song 'Province' which is a great definition for David Bowie's mature musical taste.
I described it as a heartattack because listening this song feel you to collect
multifarious colourful fruits from Tv on the radio's garden.Oh,i know it seems too atmospheric.
Following that 'Playhouses' crushing your brain powerful noisy guitars.Loud-soft
melody hold drives the song quickly and you're searching and willing to listen again.

Believe me,only the first four song of the album is a reason for eat this album.So,delicious..The taste which i haven't sampled this year.So that makes 'Return to Cookie Mountain' distinctive.

The other work 'Dirty Whirlwind' keeps guitar loops with unmelodious vocals telling stories while it's scraping some pleasent tunes into your brain.'Blues From Down Here' which is more David Bowie influenced song,and i think this song is another hit of album.'Tonight' can be described as an eletronic choir work,again there are noisy objects in it.

TV on the Radio have crafted a work of immense, cataclysmic, almost overwhelming power and righteous fire. Stylus Magazine

These genius guys are mixing lots of music samples without leaving sense of music.
To discover beaty of the sounds,you'll need to listen several times.And sure,that will
make 'Return to Cookie Mountain' one of your favorite album.

This is greatly influential album which can change the atmosphere
truly.Creative side of the record is really perfect.Also we can see how they improved and
brought more successfull sound effects from their previous work.Electro-punk tunes get you
instantly.If you love noisy cookies,then taste it.

MM picks:Province,Playhouses,Let the Devil In,Wash the Day Away
Official Website
TV on the Radio

Pere Ubu - Why I Hate Women

Modern Music Review

Musical creativity comes again with new Cleveland-based new wave band Pere Ubu release Why I Hate Woman after four years break St.Arkansas(2002).

Actually it's not a shame to say in a review,i really adore Pere Ubu,David Thomas and his musical taste.Pere Ubu's changings in their albums like butterflies which always have different colours.
They really make me surprise on every album because of their evolutions.

Their music isn't simple as the others do.You should spend your hours on their albums.But
the results make you smile that you think you find band of your life.
As you know previous albums Pennsylvania and St. Arkansas are quite succesful albums.
Why I Hate Woman doesn't break this rule,again a powerful,different,overwhelming LP stands front of you.

Opening track 'Two Girls (One Bar)' recall avant-garde post-Punk side of Pere Ubu.
David Thomas cryings,sound effects,fast bass guitar,resound of electric guitars,again it's hard
to describe their music...'Babylonian Warehouses',you can find emotional or insensitive too.
but it's obvious that it's not a song that you used to listen.Also song named 'Caroleen'
is a quite joyful punky composition.You can also hear full experimental tunes with songs
'Stolen Cadillac','Synth Farm'.

Top of senses:Blue Velvet,Synth Farm

I had missed this cute,weird vocal of David Thomas.I hooked up with 'Blue Velvet' and 'Mona' at my first listen and 'Love Song' is going to be my playlist on everyday.

Again and again their musical creativity is undiminished by time.That trembling vocals,solid guitars solos plus avan-garde tunes,but it's not enough to describe this album.You can't put labels some music like Pere Ubu's and it comes because of its naturalness and creativity.

When the subject is music actually reviews aren't such that important,so please listen albums
and make your own decisions about the artists.Post-punk is a really fascinating
style.Read the review for only love an album and don't forget that reviewers is
a people like you,you would agree that it's impossible to be perfectly objective
about would be objective if it was writen by robots.So "Why I Hate Woman"
is really too precious for me,it's a masterpiece.

Honestly i can't say you'll definitely like "Why I Hate Woman" but I'm sure that you'll have
an experience that you didn't have before.
Ubu Projex (Official Site)
MM picks:Love Song,Mona,Stolen Cadillac
You may also like:
Red Krayola - Introduction (2006)

Sean Lennon - Spectacle

Mariah Carey - My All

Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming

Sunset Rubdown’s music is lo-fi, shell-shocked, dissonant, and very reminiscent of David Bowie/Brian Eno’s post-apocalypse fixation, circa Station to Station. The images and music that singer Spencer Krug has put to tape tell of futility and disconnectedness through his warbled, pained singing--a style that almost distracts too much from the music. It's similar to the way that Conor Oberst's rawness sometimes overwhelms Bright Eyes. However, there are standouts
like "I'm Sorry That I Sang on Your Hands That Have Been in the Grave," where a weirdlygorgeous meditation over a click-track coughs up a glimmering loneliness. On "The Men Are Called Horsemen There" glam and drama are dialed all the way up and mixed with a heavy
Spectorian wall of sound. "Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings" swirls with tension, then opens into an '80s New-Romantic sad dance party. Employing unusual instruments, off-kilter arrangements, and an all-around herky-jerky feel, the album is intriguing and unsettling, not unlike Krug’s other projects, Frog Eyes and Wolf Parade. Frog Eyes's The Bloody Hand(2006) can be noted as an alternative to 'Shut Up I Am Dreaming'.But this album seems contained more fun.

Sunset Rubdown seem intent on channeling early Gary Numan. Shut Up I Am Dreaming is pure bedroom art-pop with a thin Britpop glaze that is as poignant and self-effacing as it is self conscious and pretentious.

Fabulous melodies if you love Bonnie 'Prince' Billy,Arcade Fire,Wolf Parade you love Sunset Rubdown,that's for sure.
MM picks:The Empty Threats of Little Lord,Snakes Got a Leg
Listen:The Empty Threats of Little Lord
Also you may like:
Bonnie 'prince Billy - The letting go

What's hot on Modern Music

Welcome another new chart of MM.You can discover new great musics with this one.

Triffids - Born Sandy Devotional
Born Sandy Devotional was recorded by producer Gil Norton, fresh off his work on Echo & The Bunnymen's dramatic Ocean Rain and he brought in a panoramic and polished sound to the band's rustic songs. Released on Rough Trade Records in Europe and Hot Records in Australia, it's hard to recall a more ambitious and accessible "indie" record in its time. The NME was moved by the album to put them on the cover of their first issue of 1985, proclaiming it "THE YEAR OF THE TRIFFIDS," while the album and the single "Wide Open Road" both cracked the UK National Top 30 in the respective charts.

Lonely Stretch
This song has darker melody than the others with its slow rhytims,dark melodies.Powerful,impresive lyrics along frightening backround music.I recommend you if you love dark musics.

The Seabirds
Backrounded melodic electric guitars,deep mature front vocals highlight features of the song.Austrian ban Trifids reminded me great emotional songs of Go-Betweens.
This song grows on you after several listening.Also considering vocals with Nick cave wouldn't be wrong.

Convent Walls (bonus track)
Another adult rock and balanced song of triffids with noticeable bass guitars.The song shines on you easly if you are like music of Go-betweens.

TV On The Radio - province
David Bowie's appearance and influence on Province is plain to see,with it being more Bowie than the Bowie of late. Wolf Like Me's incredibly hooky electro-punk is an obvious choice for the album's lead single.

Jennifer- o connor promotional free songs on daytrotter
Free Songs: Bonnie Prince Billy
Upcoming Important Releases September
  1. Audioslave - Revelations 5 sep
  2. Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye 12 sep
  3. The Mars Volta - Amputechture 12 sep
  4. Bob Seger - Face The Promise 12 sep
  5. TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain US release; already out in UK 12 sep
  6. Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass 12 sep
  7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Then The Letting Go 19 sep
  8. The Hidden Cameras - Awoo 19 sep
  9. Kasabian - Empire 19 sep
  10. Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller 19 sep
  11. Wolf Eyes - Human Animal 26 sep
  12. The Lemonheads - The Lemonheads 26 sep

The most probably this albums will be reviewed(or also reviewed) by Modern Music on future days.
What we recommends you to listen:

Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye

A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys began as a duo
with its duties split between Jeremy Greenspan and Johnny Dark. Influenced by a number of music sectors -- including arty synth pop, minimal techno,U.K. garage, and contemporary hip-hop.

Modern Music Review
After the first full-length release from the hard-to-pin down Canadian synth-pop
trio led by Jeremy Greenspan,they recorded a great electronic album "So This Is Goodbye"(2006).
This albums brings new pure electronic tunes combines with 80s miracle sounds.Wanderful Double Shadow including synth pop tunes,dance beats is a standout opening song.Vocalist Jeremy Greenspan who has a voice inluenced by David Sylvian(in particular 'When No One Cares') touches you and that really makes you to remember 80s necessary bands like Talk talk,japan,Visage,Soft Cell etc.

So This Is Goodbye is a work that exhibits a confident mix of focus,
clarity and ambition.This album emphasizes alternative dance,indie electronic and
also they use some exterimental materials adding more specific side to their music.
I apreciated that their songs have different tunes from beginning to end.First single "In The Morning" is one the most colourful and moving song of the album.The song 'So This Is Goodbye' has the same conservative loops and new romantic backround musics,affective subdued vocals,so it's plain to see effects on you.

'So This Is Goodbye' is a good balanced Junior Boys album.

First Impressions:Actually I've been listening David Sylvian's solo albums in these days,so if you are a Japan or David Sylvian fan you need to listen Junior Boys.I'm sure you like,having good time with this album.It reminded me brilliant synth-pop fashion which is left behind.

MM picks:When No One Cares, Double Shadow,The Equalizer
Also You May like:
David Sylvian - Approaching Silence
Band Site:


Radiohead was one of the few alternative bands of the early '90s to draw
heavily from the grandiose arena rock that characterized U2's early albums.
But the band internalized that epic sweep, turning it inside out to tell tortured, twisted tales of angst and alienation. Vocalist Thom Yorke's pained lyrics were brought to life by the group's three-guitar attack,which relied on texture -- borrowing as much from My Bloody Valentine and Pink Floyd as R.E.M. and Pixies -- instead of virtuosity.

Formed by school friends in 1986, Radiohead did not release their first single
until 1992. "Creep", from their debut album Pablo Honey (1993), became a worldwide hit, the grunge genre then at the peak of its popularity.

Radiohead were initially branded as a one-hit wonder abroad, but they caught on at home in the UK with a second album, The Bends (1995), earning fans with their dense guitar atmospheres and frontman Thom Yorke's expressive singing.The band's third album OK Computer (1997) propelled them to greater attention;
popular both for its expansive sound and its themes of modern alienation,
it has been acclaimed by critics as a landmark record of the 1990s. With Kid A (2000)
and Amnesiac (2001), Radiohead reached their peak global popularity even as
their music became less conventional.

From May to June 2006, Radiohead toured England and major cities in Europe and North America.Radiohead premiered 10 new songs on its 2006 tour: "Bangers 'n' Mash", "Open Pick", "15 Step", "4 Minute Warning", "Spooks", "Bodysnatchers", "Go Slowly", "Videotape", "Down Is The New Up" and "All I Need". According to interviews, these represent only part of the newly written material. Radiohead will spend the rest of the year recording their new material in preparation for a new release in 2007.Official site

Modern Music Radiohead albums:
radiohead - pablo honey
radiohead - bends
radiohead - ok computer
radiohead - kid
radiohead - amnesiac
radiohead - hail to thief
Also check out Ep i might be wrong

Top 10 Radiohead Songs

Lambchop - Damaged

This is the tenth album for the very large Nashville band led by Kurt Wagner.
"Damaged"(2006) continues in the quiet and haunting tradition pioneered on the past three Lambchop albums ("Is A Woman", "Aw C'mon", and "No You C'mon").

Modern Music Review:
Opening three powerful wistful tracks Paperback Bible(a long song which can change your state of mind),Prepared (wonder orchestra tunes),The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P(airy guitars which belong th other world)...

It is certain you'll like the album if you are interested in slow tempho Chamber Pop.
"Damaged" depicts melody of loneliness with its lyrics,music portrays wheather of country somehow. "A Day Without Glasses" is a song that features atmospheric alternative country and piano combinations.

There are strong connection between songs and compositions. Listening the entire
album without a brake explains 'why you should love this album?'.

'A profound melancholy suffuses the elegant and often sublime Damaged'.The Guardian

Independent pianos, trembling vocals..."Damaged" is as moving and accomplished
an album as this band has ever made. Including melodic songs like "Beers Before The Barbican"
and "I Would Have Waited Here All Day" makes "Damaged" standout album by Lambchop.

MM picks:The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P,I Would Have Waited Here All Day
Official Lambchop site
Also you may like:
Tindersticks - Curtains

top new modern rock songs

1.Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - cursed sleep
2.Steely dan - Do it again
3.Sleepy jackson - god lead your soul
4.Luna - Lovedust
5.Tv on the radio - Wolf Like Me
6.Radio birdman - you just make it worse
7.Primal Scream - Dolls
8.Pete Yorn - For Us
9.Kasabian - Empire
10.The Raconteurs - hands

You can listen Pete Yorn's new rocking single from his myspace page.Also Sleepy jackson's new single is 'devil was in my yard' had been a great choice i had listened this song several times before,containing Beach Boys and George Harrison tunes.There are other good singles Mogwai's Friend Of The Night The Feeling's Never Be Lonely but they didn't getplaced Modern Music Top 10 this week.I had a chance to hear Tv on the radio's new release "Return to Cookie Mountain",and it sounds terrific.

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He did it again ! Boys keep swinging meets Life on Mars.


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