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Maybe Kasabian hasn't got a mission such as releasing a masterpiece
but it's obvious that they again released the most energetic songs with Empire (2006).

First Two song "Empire","Shoot The Runner" are high tempho and you can easly
up the volume without any headache and dance with electroclash rhythm.
'With electroclash but a greying, forgotten line of washing powder chopped out on a toilet cistern and Primal Scream back sipping bourbon in the Rocks Off Saloon, there's precious few bands around capable of fusing cool, electronic futurism with the attitude to unite ketamine-fulled clubbers and cider-spewing indie kids alike.'NME
Their Primal Scream,Happy Mondays influences are again apparent in "Empire".
But i can say they had improved their music with some good guitar chords and some electronic beats.
Sometimes,Their repeating of some words 'Sun,Rise,Light,Flies,Sun,Rise,Light,Flies'
is very wearisome.Voice of Tom Meighan is resonating everytime and it would
be better a clean vocal in some songs.

There are powerfull hit songs in Empire (Empire,Shoot The Runner,By My Side),
but eventually album is too exhausting when the subject comes to listen all songs.

MM picks:By My Side,Shoot The Runner,The Doberman


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