Audioslave - Revelations

Rating: 4/10
Modern Music Review:

Audioslave returns with their new release Revelations(2006). After their 2002 debut album Audioslave and following this with Out Of Exile, they show they didn't tire of same screamer vocals, Tom Morello's riffs, plus they added new dance beats into their post-grunge, hard rock style.In a recent interview on the Opie and Anthony radio show, guitarist Tom Morello said that the album would feature ‘funky grooves’ that are similar to those of Led Zeppelin and Earth, Wind & Fire. Funk grooves can be seen in songs 'One and the same','Sound of a gun'.

'Despite Mr. Cornell’s budding outrage, and the band’s attempts to funk up its sound, “Revelations” has a tentative, unfinished air.'The New York Times (5/10)

I'm sure that you'll love "Revelations" or you'll hate. Main reasons for loving this album are Chris Cornell's powerful vocals,Tom Morello's rocking riffs, inventive solos but on the other hand you can find Cornell's vocals too screamer, digressive or Morello's same guitar spinnings on the album is a reason for stoping to listen this new album.

'Excruciating fret wankery... appalling metal funk... and Chris Cornell 'singing' like a castrated gibbon throughout. 'New Musical Express (3/10)

First impressions:I don't want to be cruel but i didn't find anything special with this new record of Audioslave. In my opinion, The album which seemed rushed has same impact on me again like Out Of Exile- a waste of time. Songs like "Somedays" which is a real torment screaming 'Somedaysss,Somedaysss'. In addition, songs aren't memorable or vivid. Only some customary Audioslave solos plus dominant Cornell vocals.
Revelations may be a new joy for Audioslave fans, but nothing more.
MM picks:One and the same,Wide awake,Nothing left to say but goobye


irishdan1 on 11:16 pm said...

I definitely disagree with the 4/10 rating that was given. First of all I've never heard a CD in my life in which I liked every song that I listened too and this CD is no exception. Sure I think Original Fire was a mistake to realize as a single but they were doing it to show there new identity. If you liked that song then you'll like the CD because thats probably one of the worst songs on it. The last 5 songs on the CD are haunting especially Wide Awake. Chris Cornell has one of the best voices of our time and now that Audioslave has come together as a band of their own instead of just Rage Against the Machine with a new headman it makes them all the more intriguing to listen too. 8/10 at least.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the review,every critic give high rates to albums because they don't want to criticize so which album
is good which album is bad?
Maybe 4/10 is a low rate,but this album can't be more than 6/10.

Anonymous said...

First of all, listen to the album again, when you're more relaxed. Whoever reviewed this album was not in the groove of things. The first time I gave it a go (which was not the case for their last 2 albums), I immediately started bopping my head along with every song. I just love the new "funky" direction of this band. They sound so much more cohesive now than ever. I mean, Audioslave is one of the very few bands today that can still rock, and keep rock alive. C'mon, if you've been a fan of Cornell's vocals, you should've been used to him screaming lines over and over by now. That's one of the things he loves to do. Plus, as singers age, their vocals change with age, gradually evolving into a different style. The band is evolving, and evolving into something better. 9/10

bulut on 7:38 am said...

Read carefully i also said that Audioslave fans sure like it.!

monkeyboxing on 12:06 am said...

just been searching blogs and pretty much agree with what you said - i gave it a similar review on my site, though i was a bit more caustic about the new 'funk' direction.

monkeyboxing on 12:12 am said...

just found your site. i pretty much agree with what you say and wrote a similar review on my site a while back though i was more caustic about their new 'funk' direction.

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