Barry Adamson - Stranger on The Sofa

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The producer and former Bad Seeds member(also formerly of Magazine) returns with his first solo disc in four years.

With 1998's As Above, So Below, he moved away from the soundscape-soundtrack-without-a-movie
oriented conceptual work he'd been doing since the beginning of his solo career to engage in a more song-based approach.This followed on The King of Nothing Hill in 2002, and on 2006's Stranger on the Sofa, he moves back a step in order to take two forward.

Modern Music Review:
Opening track which telling a story by Anna Chancellor along with
dark soundscapes is forerunner of the good songs in the album . Subsequent to "The long way back again" sounds acustic and lovely song about being far away your home. There's so much more with Stranger on the Sofa. "Officer Bentley's fairly serious dilemma" including different beats, weird and somewhere between guitar spinnings around gangster-like atmosphere.

"Who Killed Big Bird" keeps the 60s instrumental jazz melodies, sudennly sound
changes with "Theresa Green". It sounds more habitual emotional song which is swimming alternative pop/rock pool. This song is a clear reason to warm up "Stranger on the Sofa" impact on you.
"My friend the fly" and "You sold your dreams" have same Barry Adamson difference, creativity.
This three songs have deep vocals and alternative music combinations with Barry's talented taste in music. Adorable acid jazz rhythms with "My friend the fly" and great piano attractions by song named "Inside of your head" which song is perfect and captures cirque ambiance middle of it,no more words are needed.

"Stranger on The Sofa" proves again what an unnerving space the interior of his head must be.

"Stranger on The Sofa" can be noted Barry Adamson's best solo project,also the record features too many different music styles: jazz, post-rock, alternative pop ,experimental.

MM song picks:You sold your drems,Inside of your head,Who killed Big Bird?
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