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I used to love Bluetones because it would be a big lie saying Expecting to Fly" (1996) and "Science & Nature"(2000) are good for nothing.They're quite great britpop albums with the hits "Bluetonic","The basement song","Talking to Clarry","Slight Return" and more addictive songs.Bluetones' the most dazzling side is evidently their bland Stone Roses,Beatles infleunced guitar enterprises.They Reunited with producer Hugh Jones ‘My Neighbours House’ sees The Bluetones back to the sounds of their classic debut ‘Expecting To Fly’ and its follow-up ‘Return To The Last Chance Saloon’.

"The Bluetones" (2006) is a quite melodic release but i should say, i'm looking for the later
strong Bluetones guitars now.It sounds quite poppy.I know they're also britpopband but "The Bluetones" sounds a little commercial too.Opening with three good pop melody following that some nonsensical songs.

I always want to listen good sides of the albums.On the other hand,i don't avoid saying weak sides of them.So if it's a bad record,i definetly don't give a shit even if they're too famous like Audioslave,Rolling Stones or U2 and i wanna say their last releases are big shit.

First three work "Surrendered","Baby, Back Up","Hope and Jump" so energic and Cheerful sunny melodies but it's hard to say the same things for the duration."My Neighbour's House" which is the brand new single proves they're still playing in their British Trad Rock garden.
They'd drizzled some slow songs to the album but they haven't got any colour,they sound usually common.However this new Lp includes ordinarily apparent songs.

You should listen "The Bluetones" if you're a fan but if this is your first meet with their music, start with "Expecting to Fly" (1996).
MM picks:Surrendered,Head On A Spike
Listen:Surrendered, Fade In/Fade Out
Official Bluetones Site
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