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A true solo effort, this self-titled release finds the 25-year-old Kweller handling all of the instrumentation himself for the first time but Are the results better?
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Indie Rock
Direct to subject,Yep!,there are even cheerful pop melodies but it's not posible to see manifest stripe of color or walk around top points.These are all should be future aims for Ben Kweller.Sometimes repeating some words had been used for to cover incomplete sides of the songs.

'All around this room tonight woohoo wooho!' Lyrics look really tired,it was a rainy day,so
i need to get rid of it,but it seems that imposible with "Nothing happening".
Here's song about 'Nothing is Happening,it's all ilusion,Nothing is Happening,it's all confusion.'
repeat it more than five times!Good but it doesn't work!No I'm not insensitive,
but ain't dishonest too.No need to tell all albums great! For instance,"Run" and "I Gotta Move"
quite colourful melodies notwithstanding i didn't like the lyrics. It proves that
everyone can't write lyrics but they make music with combining some noises, sounds...
In future,we'll see that everybody has an album.

'For the most part, Ben Kweller simply suggests Jackson Browne reared on Weezer.'Uncut

"I Gotta Move" is one of that ok tunes emphasizing some pretty electric guitar acts, but it's not enough.Ben has a good voice and using it clearly (Thirteen).But the songs in this "Ben kweller" don't have the right clue,not haunting or adoring.My sleep was came when i was listening and sleep was saying to me: 'It's dull dude,it's dull!' Of course i liked a couple of songs bu nothing more.Some good guitar chords in song "Magic" seems to be taken from Arctic Monkeys' well-known hit "When the sun goes down".

"Ben Kweller" is a good album in appearance!It needs more ...,weaker than accustomed to indie pop scene.Still "Sha Sha"(2002) his best.One really good song,some ok and the rest averege.
MM picks:I Don't Know Why
Mp3:I Gotta Move,I Don't Know Why
Ben Kweller Official
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Anonymous said...

Sorry but dont you give us a link to download this very good album.I remember I've downloadaded a few excellent albun like PERE UBU,KARATE's albums.So did you change your format.Shortly I ve been following your blog for good new and old music.Can you give the link?

bulut on 4:43 pm said...

I'm glad that you liked artist just as Pere Ubu and Karate.It's illegal to share albums as you know,i put a few great songs of them below reviews.Keep up reading!

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