Best of Indie Rock 2006

First Anniversary Of Modern Music Blog
A year passed either well or badly. This week of last year, i made a decision
to share my musical thought with the world. Fortunately, i still continue my mission and i'll continue as far as i can.
Thus far, i took my pencil and started to write down this year's the most amazing indie rock albums. I listened them once more to consider their impression on me. So let's discuss together which one we shouldn't miss. I don't know if you agree with me but you should have these. Rob a bank!, borrow money, do something and buy or listen these! More or less, these are indie rock.

1. Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go
I'm sure of it, this album never gets old.
2. Band Of Horses - Everything All The Time
If you played an album countless time and still you didn't bore then it should be treasure.
3. Drones - Gala Mill
Shout it loud! This album as strong as rock.
4. Robyn Hitchcock - Ole! Tarantula
Embryo, are you ever gonna be born?
5. James Dean Bradfield - The Great Western
Politics, politics...Say the truths and be a repulsive person!
6. Hold Steady - Boys And Girls In America
On your way Paul Westerberg
7. Sleepy Jackson - Personality
Yes we're singing sleepy but our melodies are catchy-sleepy.
8. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ballad of the Broken Seas
Mmm...! delicious music, tasty coffee
9. Pernice Brothers - Live A Little
Beyond doubt, they relesed an album sounds better than Morrissey's Ringleader.
10. The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
I'll burn whole city down!

...And albums i hung back while putting in list, still they're powerful.
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am...
Hmm, i saw that some of you think they're too young but it's the most wrong
prejudice. David Bowie, Lou reed, Bob Dylan and other legendary musicians...
Were they young while they dropped their the most classical albums?, i think
they were. So it's not about age.
Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
I know better than you how is balkan music charming, but lyrics are not eye-catching.
Belle & Sebastian - The Life Pursuit
Great album but regarding their previous awesome works it's a little shaded.
Man Man - Six Demon Bag
Wow! Always i'm open for a Tom Waits influenced indie rock band.
Tapes 'N Tapes - The Loon
My words are still in force for "The Loon", dazzling rock tunes.
TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
This is very different from the other, but still its melodies too much for a essential listening. Gradually i started not listening this record.
... and songs that save your life from this year!
- Band of Horses - Wicked Gil
- Hold Steady - Chillout Tent
Please let me know if you have any recommendations!


Paperslut on 5:18 pm said...

Good list. Surprised that there's no Sufjan on it though.

My list gets harder daily.

bulut on 9:32 pm said...

Maybe you're right about Sufjan, it should exist in the list.

Always, i'm here to hear your harder list.

Chris on 7:29 pm said...

Good list, but I'd argue a couple of these...Love the Tapes N' Tapes. My advice would be that your list is stronger without the presence Sufjan.

I have to place Gizzly Bear's Yellow House on my list, as well as the Black Angels' Passover, and Destroyer's Rubies.

bulut on 7:43 am said...

i considered about "Yellow House", actually i gave it a high rate, but, didn't put to the list anyway.

moka on 5:30 pm said...

just one thing, why does the letting go appear in best album of the year when you gave it a 7.5 rating on your review? Nice list.

bulut on 8:15 pm said...

Good point Moka, as for Bonnie Prince Billy, while i was giving the rate, i analyzed the previous records of him. Morever this was a instant rating so sometimes first two week can be very deceptive.
That's why it has growned on me and upped in the list. but if you read the review, you'll find nothing negative.

Anonymous said...

was the tapes n' tapes - Loon not released in 2005 originally? I am trying to put together my list of top albums, and wanted to throw that on. whats your perspective when the album was re-released in '06?

bulut on 6:14 pm said...

"June 2005" is recording date and the record was relesed in July 2006 (UK) officially, and also it was relesed previously in U.S. (oct 2005).

Anonymous said...

Josh Ritter "animal years"'s a masterpiece in my book

Nikhil on 12:16 pm said...

Pretty fair list.But i don't understand why The Dears - Gang of losers couldn't make it in the list (at least in the top 5).The album seems to be flawless once you get to listen it a number of times.

rockgenie on 11:38 am said...

Cool list mate, i learnt a lot of from you!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Sleepy Jackson on the list!

Tim on 12:39 am said...

Really great list and I appreciate you putting it together as there were several artists here who I had not heard of before and who I am now really enjoying. Having said that, I found Bonnie Prince Billy's The Letting Go album an interesting choice for the number one indie "rock" album of the year considering the fact that it was almost entirely an album of ballads with no rock songs in sight.

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