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Style:Indie Rock
'Writers Block' (2006) is the third album from Swedish trio Peter,Bjorn and John.
Recorded in Bjorn's studio in Hornstull, Stockholm the album sees the trio take a new direction by moving away from the straight-forward indie-pop of their previous releases.

Selecting wanderful music for holidays isn't easy job. Good music means regeneration. Moreover it's the mean of life. Life is a rhythm, if you able to catch that rhythm you'll be able to achieve succesful in your life. Listening good music is everthing.
In addition to this "good music", it's certainly relative for everyone so you should look for your own rhythm. Maybe you trust in someone like me about my musical tastes or you're not. There is no harm. As far as I know this searching is quite exciting.Explore!

Today we've one of these good chosen music here... Actually i know , you got that this is a very good album. I believe that it's deeper to tell your feelings about the album than writing some descriptive commonplaces in a review. If you like that's the way, then here it comes; Airwaves ,tunes soft as snow, infectious beats , natural lyrics...

How about some influences;Lo-fi, noise rock, shoegaze are the main styles. Also there are some R&B, funk and soul roots. I found "Let's call it off" is god song and my new disease, play the song and dance above the skies. Closing song "Poor cow" is another impressive psychedelic work. You should listen and discover other ones and you would agree how hooky this album is. Also I found a cross between Jesus & Mary Chain's that epic sound, vocals , era. Furthermore, The band is influenced by the sounds of classic '60s baroque pop, power pop, and new wave, but the guys aren't revivalists.

Guitars isn't odd, they seems to be taken from 80s new wave, but if it's the only incomplete of "Writer's Block", therefore it's perfect.
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