Copeland - Eat, Sleep, Repeat

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is a melodic indie group, originating in the city of Lakeland, Florida. Originally formed in 2000 by singer Aaron Marsh With "Eat, Sleep, Repeat" out October 31 they're shining above stars to take you a journey on musical valleys.Angelic vocals (also sometimes it tastes sweet as sugar), guitar, mellotron, organ, and piano appear on every song and The music is embracing you.

So flying,sometimes velvet and you even don't notice which song you're listening.Your hunger is growing while you're in "Eat, Sleep, Repeat".You'll feel the warmless place (Where's My Head) with its awesome opening, touch a simple beauty (title track), a powerful melody need to control people (Control Freak), their music needs more attention (Careful Now) and this album's best song appears here (Love Affair)."Love Affair" which hold impressive pianos, majestic vocals and sometimes shining violins, horns and its little electronic attractions and i love it.

Near to end of the album there are some weak tunes i know but they're walking faster to get torch of successful!I appreciated their efforts. If you love to listen some improved alternative pop melodies then you should givew a listen!
MM picks:Love Affairs,By My Side
Listen:"Eat, Sleep, Repeat",When You Thought
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Anonymous said...

??? I can barely understand most of this review

Anonymous said...

to whoever wrote this:

please don't ever write again. what a botch!

the cd is wonderful, go out and buy it!

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