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From beginning to the end,it's a great feeling write about one the greatest alternative rock band Pixies.Black Francis who is named himself Frank Black still kicking our us with his pleasant,different solo works.Frank Black is really rocking.Their influence can't be discuss.It's hard to imagine Nirvana without the Pixies' signature stop-start dynamics and lurching, noisy guitar solos.Or we can say the same thing about other grunge bands.

It was very sad that people started to listen them when they disbanded.But there is a big truth they have very devoted fans.You can still fin people who can shout 'Heyyyy!' singing their song.
Here you can find info about their great albums at modern music archive:
Pixies - doolittle
Pixies - surfer rosa come on pilgrim
Pixies - bossanova
Pixies - trompe le monde


Anonymous said...

There's nothing against you. I think your blog is great! However I want you to know that there is a malware in Pixies 'Bossanova' if once you downloaded you click on the plug in. There is a trojan Win 32:lstbar-AU[Trj]. I am sorry to inform that.
Keep up the good work!

bulut on 8:40 pm said...

Ok,thank you i'll fix it,sorry about trojan.

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