Frank Black - Fastman Raiderman (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
Frank Black's last album Fastman Raiderman which comprises two disc.There are 27 songs in this record. When I first listen it,i think that he again made a great fantastic record.Another different taste of Frank Black and another amazing record.His style in this album Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock with more country melodies.I should say that it's a totally professional record after Honeycomb.First single from this album is Fitzgerald.Calm,relaxing work.Frank Black's style changing on every album.But it's not a disadvantage i think he uses his talent succesfully while changing and trying other things.Melodical and more adult album maybe it's not entertaining but it's full-up with feeling.With song My Terrible Ways you'll compare his song with neil young i think you won't be wrong,sure there is similarity with his voice.One of the best song in this record is It's Just Not Your Moment,wanderful melody and i think this album a very big present to Frank Black's this


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