Morrissey - Maladjusted

Maladjusted was Morrissey's attempt to integrate the prog rock that he experimented with on 1995's Southpaw Grammar with the indie rock of his earlier career. His efforts were largely successful. In addition to "Alma Matters", the tracks "Trouble Loves Me", "Ammunition, and "Roy's Keen" stand out as high-quality songs reminiscent of the Vauxhall and I and Your Arsenal era. As such, the album met with mixed but generally positive reviews and is considered a strong work by fans. Despite this, the album was not a commercial success, bowing at a disappointing #8 in the UK. The follow-up singles, "Roy's Keen" and "Satan Rejected My Soul" peaked at #42 and #39, respectively. Still, the album reached #61 in the US and has sold 88,000 copies to Southpaw Grammar's 65,000.

Album Of Week:Royal City - Alone At The Microphone

Alone At The Microphone was released in 2001.You can listen alternative country and lo-fi styles in this album.If you listen indie i'm sure you know this band.The main focus of Royal City's singer/songwriter, Aaron Riches, was to write the songs on Alone at the Microphone.Mostly ,this album lyrical expression.But you can also see their pretentious song from this album like Bad Luck.This song is more indie rock and seperating other songs its style.The end result is a lo-fi recording with fair-quality alternative/punk songs featuring a certain folk influence. Absolutely,You can see country melodies on everysong while listening.The most important songs are Bad Luck,Dank Is the Air of Death and Loathing from this record.
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David Bowie makes suprise appearance in London(News!)

The star sings some Pink Floyd classics

David Bowie stunned fans by making his first appearance on a UK stage in nearly two years last night (May 29) at London's Royal Albert Hall.

The singer, who has been relatively quiet since undergoing emergency heart surgery in summer 2004, came on as a surprise guest during the encore at former Pink Floyd man
David Gilmour's first of three sold-out nights at the venue.

Long time
Floyd fanatic Bowie received a standing ovation after performing classics tracks 'Arnold Layne' and 'Comfortably Numb'.

Bowie last played the UK in June 2004, at the Isle Of Wight festival.

Other guests on the evening included
David Crosby and Graham Nash, who sang on the title track of Gilmour's recent UK Number One album 'On An Island' as well as 'The Blue', Pink Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' and their own 'Find The Cost Of Freedom'.

Meanwhile long time collaborator
Robert Wyatt also dropped to reprise his role from the recent album, playing cornet on 'Then I Close my Eyes'.

Gilmour plays another two nights the venue - tonight and tomorrow (May 30/31).

Radiohead deny playing song for Tory leader(News!)

They say David Cameron is mistaken

Radiohead have denied playing a request for the Conservative Party leader David Cameron at a concert in London earlier this month.

Cameron has often cited Radiohead as one of his favourite bands, and he was invited along to the Friends Of The Earth benefit show that singer Thom Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood were headlining at KOKO in Camden on May 1.

The politician appeared on Sunday's (May 28) Desert Island Discs programme on BBC Radio 4, choosing the songs he would take with him if he was a castaway. When choosing Radiohead's 1995 single 'Fake Plastic Trees', Cameron told host Sue Lawley that Yorke and Greenwood performed the song at his request at the concert.

After Lawley had asked if they had played the song especially for him, Cameron revealed: "Yes he (Yorke) did. I sent this rather sad letter saying I'd love to come to the concert, thank you for asking. PS please play this, my favourite song - and he did."

But a spokesman for Radiohead told The Independent: "The set list was chosen to reflect the fact that it was just Thom and Jonny playing and the choice of songs was what they wanted to play - nothing to do with any special requests."

Radiohead have just completed the UK leg of a European tour where they premiered a raft of new material set to feature on the follow-up to 2003's 'Hail To The Thief'.

Cover Cover Cover

Supergrass - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Smiths cover)
I made a mistake yesterday sorry about fall the smiths cover.

Now let's listen Supergrass...I prefer to listen the original version but you may like this cover too.
Supergrass putted the begining of original song to middle of the song,so you can think that song is finished middle of it but it isn't.Volume is going down and becaming mute then volume is rising...
When i first listen Smiths version i thought that it was a record fault,but it wasn't.One of my fav. smith song...Click for listen

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
After sonic nurse it's a great feeling to see that they are going on with their music.

Opening song Reena which contains high and low guitar melodies.Kim gordon's vocal is bringin more impression to this song.At the half of the song,guitars are starting to fly and they're flying with you and suddenly it's turning same ordinary melody.

Incinerate is first single and it has a calm melody,great but really it isn't best song from this album.You are slowing with Do You Believe In Rapture.This song is containing more experimental tunes.Sleepin Around is starting with restless and noisy guitar and really it has a wanderful opening.

After three Thurston Moore vocal,Kim gordon's singing What A Waste.It's a more regular melody,there's not any marked guitar melodies.In song Jams Run Free while Kim is singing normally and singing like a boring song,suddenly is changing and You're seeing a sound choke with a great noise theme.This is what we expecting from Sonic Youth,you think that you're listening an ordinary song,but it isn't an ordinary song.Music is changing suddenly and you're hooking up.

This album is really cramfull.You can see on Rats best vocal permormance on this album.On this song,melody suddenly changing to a brilliant and hot light.This changing is a guaranty which makes you falling love with this album.

Pink Steam is an indie song with no vocal and also we can say it's only instrumantel(but you'll see it's not) song ,airy,attractive.But Thursten Moore entering with his voice near end of the song and i suprised when first listen this song.There isn't a order melody on this song.all the time it's changing and i wanna say it's the best song on this album.Rather Ripped shows us music is still not dead and still there are good musicians.

Talk About Album Covers:Nick Drake

This weekend,we'll look Nick Drake - Pink Moon(1972) album cover.First of all,It is a big honor to put Nick's cover to this post.The cover is telling content of album,certainly yes it's telling the's telling misery,coffee,leaf...Look at the cup it shows this album is filled with full of art.

Info About th album:
Pink Moon was recorded at midnight in two two-hour sessions over two days in October of 1971 featuring only Nick Drake's vocals and guitar, as well as some piano arrangement later overdubbed on the title track.

While lookin' my music archive:The Dude

Yes while looking my huge music archive,i chose one of them to listen and it was The Dude.I'm listening their Specially for You album.It was very sad there aren't too many infos on internet so i wanted to write about them.Their song named Dawn is interesting,succesfull.They haven't bad sound.Their songs are worth listen,i'm sure you'll like them.Their the most unforgetable work is Sunday 3AM.If you like to explore new music,you can search about them,but really it was a chance to find and listen them.
Their official website

Spotlight:Frog Eyes

Victoria, British Columbia, quartet Frog Eyes are the antithesis of their quiet Canadian village. Utilizing the carnival atmosphere of Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits, the frenetic energy of vintage Cramps, and the diabolical scheming of pre-Murder Ballads Nick Cave, the post-punk collective created an atmosphere of psychedelic unease with their 2002 full-length debut, The Bloody Hand. Lead singer Carey Mercer, who mined similar territories in his previous group, Blue Pine, leads the indie rock ensemble, which also includes Melanie Campbell, Grayson Walker, and Michael Rak. In 2003, after the critical success of Hand, the group released the enigmatic Golden River on the Animal World label, resulting in another flurry of raves and a newly minted fan base. They signed to Absolutely Kosher the following year and released their strongest record to date, the volatile and charismatic Folded Palm, as well as the lo-fi acoustic EP Ego Scriptor. 2006 saw the release of Bloody Hand, again on Absolutely Kosher.
Their new record is The Bloody Hand.You'll like this album, if you're interested such names like Tom Waits,Captain beefheart,Nick Cave,The Cramps.

Brett Anderson reveals details of solo album (News!)

The singer feels it's the "right moment".Ex-Suede singer Brett Anderson is set to release his long anticipated debut solo album, saying that now feels like the 'right moment' for the record.

Whilst recording the debut LP with The Tears alongside Bernard Butler, the frontman was simultaneously working on his own material.

Speaking about the record, Anderson said: "Its quite orchestrated, lots of string lutes, that sort of thing. I guess there's a Scott Walker feel to it. I'm very proud of it; it's a very exciting record for me."

The singer, who co-produced the album, added: "I've played more than I ever have before (on this album). I've played a lot of electric guitar on it; I've written a lot of the electric guitar parts. It's my baby and I've obviously been pretty obsessed with it."

Not currently signed to any label, the record is currently titled 'Brett Anderson' and is set for release in January.

Explaining his choice of name for the album, Anderson said: "Because that's my name, you see."

The Who to bootleg themselves!

Why? Because they 'fucking can'The Who star Pete Townshend has revealed every show on the band's forthcoming European tour will be bootlegged - by the band themselves.

The guitar legend and singer Roger Daltrey have devised a plan to record the shows themselves - and all the proceeds from the resulting DVDs, CDs, podcasts and downloads will go to charity.

Townshend revealed in a posting on his offical website: "Every show we play is bootlegged by someone. With Roger's OK already given I intend to bootleg Who shows myself and give the proceeds to charity.

"On this tour we will sell DVDs as well as CDs. We will also sell downloads. We will also offer podcasts.

"In addition we will webcast a Live Stream of 30 minutes featuring at least one LIVE number by the Who from every show for 99c. Proceeds to local health, childrens' and street charities."

Townshend also revealed the rock veterans will webcast an entire show for a major charity - and are looking for some help in doing this.

He wrote: "Why are we doing this? BECAUSE WE F***ING WELL CAN. Will it make us look good? WE DON'T GIVE A F**K. (I can still be rather crude in my old age, you will probably have noticed).

"If you are a corporate sponsor considering sponsoring The Who in this mammoth FIRST EVER tour webcast venture, get your head out of your arse and walk towards us. We are about to take off."
Source for this news

Paul Weller to play free London show (News!)

It's the Modfather's only indoor show of 2006 Paul Weller is to play a one-off free gig in London.

The star will play KOKO in Camden on June 13 as part of the Jack Daniel's JD Set series of shows. Tickets will be fans, lucky competition winners and invited guests.

In addition to the JD Set show - which is the only indoor gig confirmed for Weller for the rest of the year - Weller performs at T In The Park on July 8 and the Oxegen festival in Ireland on July 9. He also plays at V Festival over the weekend of August 19 and 20.

Weller releases a live album on June 12. 'Catch - Flame!'was recorded at London's Alexandra Palace in December last year.

The Most Modern 10 (2)

1.The Red Krayola - cruise boat
2.Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
3.Frank Black - It's Just Not Your Moment
4.Tom Verlaine - Documentary
5.Frog Eyes - The mayor laments the failures of
6.Mojave 3 - puzzles like you
7.The walkmen - Louisiana
8.Primal Scream - Country girl
9.The Charlatans - City of the dead
10.Sonic Youth - Incinerate
Song of week is puzzles like you by Mojave 3.

Mojave 3 - Puzzles Like You (2006)

Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
Mojave 3's fifth album will be released June 19th.I listened the album several times.And you'll be amazed if you follow Mojave 3's works. You can listen album Listen

"Puzzle Like You'' is downright fun. And it completes archive of Mojave 3 with bringing important songs like:"Puzzles Like You", "You've said it before", "Big star baby", "Ghostship Waiting". The album is filled with light and not tiring guitar melodies.

This album is as soft as cotton and also it'll be one of best summer album. It is warming up your inside. And finally it's very hard to make such a great album after "Spoon and Rafter".

Their video "Breaking The Ice" directed by Bradley Beesley (Flaming Lips).
Band Site

Led Zeppelin team up again in Sweden (news!)

The band get back together to be honoured

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin have received an award recognising them as "great pioneers" of rock music.

The king of Sweden presented the group with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm last night (May 22).

The city was where they recorded their final studio album, 'In Through The Out Door', in 1979.

Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones were joined by the daughter of drummer John Bonham, who died in September 1980.

They shared the award - which is split between pop and classical musicians - with Russian conductor Valery Gergiev.

Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 and split immediately after Bonham's death. They are one of rock music's all-time biggest selling acts.

The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989 by Stig Anderson, manager of Swedish pop group Abba, who named it after his record label, Polar Records.

Its previous winners have included Sir Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen.

Manics singer makes solo debut (News!)

James Dean Bradfield

James Dean Bradfield made his solo live debut in Manchester last night (May 22).

The Manic Street Preachers frontman debuted songs from his solo album 'The Great Western' at the intimate Roadhouse venue in front of just a handful of fans.

Though the set was made up mainly of new songs including debut single 'That's No Way To Tell A Lie', fans heckling for Manics hits were not left disappointed.

Bradfield performed 'Ocean Spray', the song on which he wrote lyrics from 'Know Your Enemy', along with an acoustic rendition of 'This Is Yesterday' from 'The Holy Bible'.

Then, after one fan repeatedly shouted for early album track 'Sleepflower', Bradfield gave an impromptu verse, to which the crowd sang along.

The setlist was:

'Run Romeo Run'

'An English Gentleman'

'Bad Boys and Painkillers'

'On Saturday Morning We Will Rule The World'


'Ocean Spray'

'The Wrong Beginning'

'This Is Yesterday'

'Say Hello To The Pope'

'Still A Long Way To Go'

'That's No Way To Tell A Lie'

'Which Way To Kyffin'

James Dean Bradfield plays Glasgow King Tuts tonight and then London Barfly on Wednesday.

Three Mojo nominations for Cash

Country legend Johnny Cash has been shortlisted for three Mojo awards, two years after his death.

The Ring of Fire singer is nominated for the icon and inspiration awards, while a box-set of his recordings is up for best catalogue release.

The Mojo Honours List aims to reward artists for a body of work instead of focusing on current favourites.

"It is not about the biggest names or the hottest acts," said the magazine's editor-in-chief Phil Alexander.

"The event was created to recognise those artists that have enriched our rich musical culture and that's what it continues to do."

The inspiration award, which went to rock band Gang of Four last year, will see Cash competing with Paul Weller, The Fall, Buzzcocks and Sparks.

For the magazine's top honour, the Mojo Icon award, he is up against Neil Young, Van Morrison, Scott Walker and David Bowie.

This is Bowie's third consecutive nomination in the icon category. He was beaten to the title last year by punk singer Siouxsie Sioux.

Male dominated
At the time, Sioux complained about the lack of women in the awards.

"I'm the token female winner," she said. "I think we need a few more women up here."

This year's list is again dominated by male artists, although Kate Bush and Chrissie Hynde both receive nominations for the songwriter award.

Corrine Bailey Rae, who won the BBC News website's Sound of 2006 survey, is also in competition for the best new act award.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in Shoreditch Town Hall, London, on 5 June.

Album of Week:R.e.m. - Murmur

I'll suggest R.e.m.'s 83 album in this week,murmur.Somehow,this album always makes me think it's the best work of r.e.m. with its style american underground.if you are a fan of rem i know you certainly have this album,but if you aren't,i think there is something missing in your archive.I'll write three song name from this album which are my selection.Closing songs We Walk,West of the's right choice to put this songs to the and of album,and they are really my favorite songs from r.e.m.Original album,Murmur sounds as if it appeared out of nowhere, without any ties to the past, present, or future.

Monkeys bassist to miss US tour (News!)

The Arctic Monkeys bass player has pulled out of the rock group's North American tour because of exhaustion.
Owing to fatigue following an intensive period of touring, Andy Nicholson shall be taking a rest," a statement on the band's website said.

The group start their 17-date tour in Canada on Saturday before returning to Europe for festival dates in June

Nicholson will be replaced by Nick O'Malley, former bassist in another Sheffield group, The Dodgems.
The Arctic Monkeys' album Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not became the fastest-selling debut in UK chart history when it was released in January.

It sold more than 360,000 copies during its first week of release.

The band have toured extensively to promote the album, and plan to play another 44 concerts over the summer.

Arctic Monkeys built up their fan base on the internet, after demo CDs they handed out at gigs in 2003 were put on the web.

They were eventually signed by independent record label Domino Records.
Source for this news

The Dears - Blood

Beach House - 10 mile stereo

El Perro Del Mar - Change of a Heart

Gwen Stefani - Cool

Cover Cover Cover

Nick Cave - Disco 2000 (Pulp Cover)
Did you listen Pulp's Disco 2000 cover from Nick Cave?Nick made the song more melancholic and more slow.You can find this cover in Bad Cover Version sgle album.If you love Pulp's amazing songs you'll love this cover too.Disco 2000 can seem like a cheerful song but it isn't.So it's atmosphere between misery and happiness.It can affect your mood while listening.As i said before the most beautiful songs are the songs which are affecting your frame of mind.And i can't say anything to Nick Cave's voice in this song ,visceral...Click for listen

Darwin Deez - Up in the Clouds (New Look Advert Music 2011) Video

Spoon Reissue Early Recordings, Tour With Death Cab (news!)

Kati Llewellyn reports:
Remember Merge's plan to reissue the first two Spoon records sometime this year? Well, it seems that sometime is upon us. eBay hotcakes Telephono and the Soft Effects EP will be re-released on Merge come July 25. The pair will be packaged together as a double-disc; while no bonus tracks have been tacked on to either album, the video for "Not Turning On" will be included.

Speaking of videos, Spoon recently debuted the Ryan Junell-directed clip for "The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine" on their site. So scope that out.

Spoon will soon venture outside of their computer monitors to make appearances at our own Pitchfork Music Festival as well as a few California dates with Death Cab for Cutie and Mates of State. Indie Gimme nonfiction:

07-30 Chicago, IL - Union Park (Pitchfork Music Festival) *
08-11 Berkley, CA - Greek Theatre #
08-13 Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theatre #
08-15 San Diego, CA - Embarcadero Marina #

* with Os Mutantes, Yo La Tengo, Devendra Banhart, Mission of Burma, Aesop Rock, the National, Jens Lekman, Tapes 'n Tapes, Chin Up Chin Up, Diplo, Matthew Dear, Spank Rock, Glenn Kotche, Tarantula A.D., Tyondai Braxton, CSS, Chicago Underground Duo, Bonde Do Role
# with Death Cab for Cutie, Mates of State

As previously reported, Spoon will spend much of their summer vacation holed up in drummer Jim Eno's home studio, recording with co-producer Mike McCarthy. If all goes according to plan, the new album will see an early 2007 release. Also in the works is a Britt Daniel solo record, slated for completion later this year.
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Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Winner

Certainly, they deserved to be winner of 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.Their make-up,
costume,song,performance was amazing.I watched them with a enjoyable smile on my face,and they joined their own style to the competition.I don't like Eurovision Song Contest because of silly voting,every country gives their neighbour country,so it can't be a judicious competition.But lordi was really worth to watch.The music wins..You can watch their video from here:
Lordi - Hallelujah video

Think About Life - S/T

Underground Archive
Think About Life have been causing panic on Montreal dance floors since just a little before they were personally invited by Wolf Parade (Sub Pop) to be their support act during last years North American autumn tour.

Modern Music Review
Their song named Paul Cries starting with restless ringing bells,and vocals is restless too in this song.Good harmony with music and vocals.He is shapely singing with such a hard music on the backround.Their sound some kind of high-energy disco house thrash punk.Serious chords is another song of them which is including amazing vocal performance,i really impressed from this song. Snowee caterpillars like a electronic horror song perfect.You can listen some songs from here:
Artist Myspace:
Artist Website:

If you want to buy their album:
Compact Disc: Amazon , Alien8 Store
Digital Download: iTunes , eMusic , DownloadPunk , Sony Connect

Primal Scream - Riot City Blues (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
One of the best group from scotland,glasgow Primal scream's last release includings 10 great song.Opening with Country Girl is the most cheerful song in this album and this song includes energetic country rhythms.Country girlll! take my hand,wanderful.Second song is Nitty Gritty and this song is compatible with country girl.I smelt some T.Rex's influence on Boogie Disease but sure,it's not a bad thing this song is good but has some similar ways with I love to boogie.When The Bomb Drop is a different melody in this album and i should say it's maybe the best song in this album after country girl original work.There is an amazing lazy song in this album named Little Death;End of this song music is becaming louder and louder.Sometimes I Feel So Lonely is closing song and right closing song for this such an amazing album,dozy song.Primal Scream combined a lot of good materials in this album(hard rock,county,alternative rock.With this album i remembered old hard rock and glam rockers like New York dolls, this

McCartney and Mills to separate (News!)

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

See the couple
Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills are to separate after four years of marriage.
A joint statement said they had "found it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship with constant intrusion into our private lives".
Sir Paul and Mills, a former model, married in June 2002. They had a daughter, Beatrice, a year later.
They met in 1999 through Mills' work for her charity, launched after losing a leg in a motorbike accident in 1993.
The statement said: "Having tried exceptionally hard to make our relationship work given the daily pressures surrounding us, it is with sadness that we have decided to go our separate ways.
To have to go through this so publicly, especially with a small daughter, is immensely stressful
Joint statement by Sir Paul and Mills

The Beatle and the model
"Our parting is amicable and both of us still care about each other very much but have found it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship with constant intrusion into our private lives, and we have actively tried to protect the privacy of our child.
"Separation for any couple is difficult enough, but to have to go through this so publicly, especially with a small daughter, is immensely stressful.

"We hope, for the sake of our baby daughter, that we will be given some space and time to get through this difficult period."
Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney protesting in Canada against the annual seal slaughter
The couple have carried out animal rights campaigning this year

Sir Paul put a separate statement on his personal website, criticising the media's coverage of the breakup.
"It's been suggested that she [Mills] married me for the money and there is not an ounce of truth in this," he wrote.

"I'm very sad to see that some insensitive people would choose a moment like this to spread these vicious rumours."
Mills has endured repeated press criticism since their wedding, including claims that she influenced her husband's decisions on everything from his appearance to his work.

In the past, Sir Paul has refuted claims of a rift between his wife and his children.
Recent reports had suggested the couple were living at separate addresses.
Sir Paul, 63, was said to be living on the family farm in Peasmarsh, East Sussex, while 38-year-old Mills was reportedly at the couple's home in Hove.

The couple have also appeared together at public engagements this year, protesting in Canada in March against the slaughter of seal pups and in a BBC documentary last month on the fur trade.

They were married in June 2002 at the 17th Century Castle Leslie in Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland.

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills the day before their wedding
They met fans the day before their carefully shielded wedding

Sir Paul later revealed the venue was chosen because his mother had been born in County Monaghan.

Sir Paul has been world famous for five decades following the global success of the Beatles in the 1960s.

He received a knighthood in 1997's New Year honours.

The musician is worth an estimated £800m, and Mills has revealed in the past that he turned down her offer to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect his fortune.

Sir Paul was previously married to Linda Eastman from 1969 until her death in 1998 from breast cancer, and it is said that they were only apart once during their marriage.

The couple had three children - musician James, photographer Mary, and fashion designer Stella. Sir Paul also has a stepdaughter, Heather, from Linda's first marriage.
Mills formed the Heather Mills Health Trust, recycling prosthetic limbs and campaigning against landmines, after being hit by a police motorcycle as she crossed a road in 1993.
She is now founding patron of UK charity Adopt A Minefield, along with her husband, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996.

Frank Black - Fastman Raiderman (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
Frank Black's last album Fastman Raiderman which comprises two disc.There are 27 songs in this record. When I first listen it,i think that he again made a great fantastic record.Another different taste of Frank Black and another amazing record.His style in this album Adult Alternative Pop/ Rock with more country melodies.I should say that it's a totally professional record after Honeycomb.First single from this album is Fitzgerald.Calm,relaxing work.Frank Black's style changing on every album.But it's not a disadvantage i think he uses his talent succesfully while changing and trying other things.Melodical and more adult album maybe it's not entertaining but it's full-up with feeling.With song My Terrible Ways you'll compare his song with neil young i think you won't be wrong,sure there is similarity with his voice.One of the best song in this record is It's Just Not Your Moment,wanderful melody and i think this album a very big present to Frank Black's this

Two Peppers And A Pea Join Farrell Album

Former Jane's Addiction/Porno For Pyros frontman Perry Farrell is finishing up work on the debut album from his new group, Satellite Party, which also features ex-Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt.

Farrell is eyeing a late summer release for the self-titled effort, which boasts guest appearances from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante (on the track "Hard Life), Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie, New Order bassist Peter Hook and Farrell's wife, Etty.

"It's going to be a solid group with both female and male players," he tells, "and it's going to be very live and very powerful. But we want to add a nice, healthy dose of female energy into it, especially female voice, because it's wonderful for chorus. We're chock full of great, grand songs."

Farrell debuted the project at last summer's Lollapalooza in Chicago. During that show, he and Bettencourt were joined by No Doubt bassist Tony Kanal, who is no longer a member of the group. While mum on Kanal's replacement, Farrell says both Flea and Bettencourt played a lot of the bass on the album. Kevin Fig, a friend of Bettencourt's, is playing drums.

With a "major" new deal ("If we're a goal line, we're an inch from the goal line," Farrell says) in the works, the group's first single, "Dogstar," is being penciled in for release this summer. Satellite Party is also hoping to reappear at this summer's Lollapalooza, set for Aug. 4-6 in Chicago.

"It's going to be a little different version from what you saw if you were at Lollapalooza last year," he says. "It's a hybrid: We combine some rock elements and elements of choir and a big healthy dose of rock'n'roll. It is lush and beautiful and sexy and loaded with energy."

Meanwhile, Farrell says Warner Bros. catalog arm Rhino is working on a Jane's Addiction box set. The label is also prepping the DVD releases of his 1989 short film, "Soul Kiss," and his morbid controversial 1993 movie "Gift."

The Most Modern 10

We've a new chart now!!!We'll replace it week to week.First list is:
1.Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
2.The Red Krayola - cruise boat
3.Tom Verlaine - Documentary
4.Frank Black - It's Just Not Your Moment
5.Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - Some Say
6.The Charlatans - City of the dead
7.Lovely Feathers - in the valley
8.Belle And Sebastian - We Are The Sleepyheads
9.Frog Eyes - The mayor laments the failures of
10.Delays - This town's religion
You can follow this list from our right side bar.We're choosing these songs from new albums.And They may not be single from albums,but sure they're amazing songs you should listen them.

Spotlight - James

Modern Music Spotlight

James was one of the populer manchester band on '80s and '90s with their pleasant folk-pop.The group was pegged as second-rate Smiths, yet continued to tour and record, eventually gaining a sizable following.I think they've an amazing starting to the music scene their first album with Stutter.Do you want to listen a gem from this album?then i can say you should listen Why So Close.James sound like a water flow,restful,peace-loving.In the late '80s, the group, like many of their British peers, became involved in the acid house-inspired "baggy" scene and recorded the baggy-inspired "Sit Down," which became their breakthrough hit.It can't wrong to listen them when you're happy.Shortly after "Sit Down," James became more experimental, culminating in a collaboration with Brian Eno that resulted in their biggest American album, Laid, in 1993.Their album which is released in 1990 and named Gold Mother is one of my favorite James work,i can request from this album Hang on wanderful melody.I don't prefer so suggest songs like sit down,seven,getting away with it or lose control because you can listen them on a best of collection and they're well-known songs.Let's jump to their Millionaires album and from this album you can listen We're Going To Miss You,sure you'll like it.They've a good end with releasing Pleased to Meet You.You can listen Pleased To Meet You from this album,it's a good choice to closing James spotlight.

Soul Asylum's new album ''the Silver Lining''

Amazing,they released new single and really i like this single,they returned.This single shows us their new album will be an easy listenable album.Vocals are like velvet,guitars are free and easy not pain in the head.We're excited to listen their new album.They're are releasing their latest record The Silver Lining on July 11^th.

Soul Asylum will celebrates their third decade as a band with this
release, dedicated to the late Karl Mueller who passed shortly after
recording The Silver Lining. Replacing Mueller is Tommy Stinston, of
Replacements fame. After an 8 year hiatus, the band still sounds

If you want to hear new single:

Their crazy mixed up world live performance:

Neil Young - Living With War [2006]

1. After the Garden
2. Living With War
3. The Restless Consumer
4. Shock and Awe
5. Families
6. Flags of Freedom
7. Let's Impeach the President
8. Lookin' for a Leader
9. Roger and Out
10. America the Beautiful

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (2006)

Pearl Jam's eighth studio album Pearl Jam hit the stores on May 2, 2006. The album includes such songs as "Comatose", "Life Wasted", "Come Back", "Gone", "Army Reserve", and "World Wide Suicide". "Comatose" (originally titled "Crapshoot Rapture") was premiered live in concert in March 2005, and Gone was debuted in a solo performance by Eddie Vedder at a Pearl Jam concert in October 2005. European fans had a special treat on April 20, as Pearl Jam played a small show at the Astoria, debuting live performances of "Marker in the Sand" and "Army Reserve," along with a few others that had already made appearances. Vedder has made previous statements that he wants the fans to hear the songs on the album first. In many instances, the members of Pearl Jam have revealed that they regard this as their best work to date, as it resembles the raw energy of their first albums.

"World Wide Suicide" is the first single from the album. In late February, the band made a 15-second clip of the song available on the Internet, which was then played on numerous North American radio stations. The snippet revealed a hard-rocking sound with a noted return to the dominant vocal styles of Vedder's earlier work. Many claim the song is reminiscent of Vs., as also mentioned by Mike McCready in 2005. On March 3, 2006, the single was played on Seattle's 107.7 The End and soon leaked on the Internet. Pearl Jam then early-released the single online two days later.

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

While Gish had placed the Smashing Pumpkins on the "most promising artist" list for many, troubles were threatening to break the band apart. Singer/guitarist/leader Billy Corgan was battling a severe case of writer's block and was in a deep state of depression brought on by a relationship in turmoil; drummer Jimmy Chamberlin was addicted to hard drugs; and bassist D'Arcy and guitarist James Iha severed their romantic relationship. The sessions for their sophomore effort, Siamese Dream, were wrought with friction -- Corgan eventually played almost all the instruments himself (except for percussion). Some say strife and tension produces the best music, and it certainly helped make Siamese Dream one of the finest alt-rock albums of all time. Instead of following Nirvana's punk rock route, Siamese Dream went in the opposite direction -- guitar solos galore, layered walls of sound courtesy of the album's producers (Butch Vig and Corgan), extended compositions that bordered on prog rock, plus often reflective and heartfelt lyrics. The four tracks that were selected as singles became alternative radio standards -- the anthems "Cherub Rock," "Today," and "Rocket," plus the symphonic ballad "Disarm" -- but as a whole, Siamese Dream proved to be an incredibly consistent album. Such compositions as the red-hot rockers "Quiet" and "Geek U.S.A." were standouts, as were the epics "Hummer," "Soma," and "Silverfuck," plus the soothing sounds of "Mayonaise," "Spaceboy," and "Luna." After the difficult recording sessions, Corgan stated publicly that if Siamese Dream didn't achieve breakthrough success, he would end the band. He didn't have to worry for long -- the album debuted in the Billboard Top Ten and sold more than four million copies in three years. Siamese Dream stands alongside Nevermind and Superunknown as one of the decade's finest (and most influential) rock albums.
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I Am X - The Alternative (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:
We'll hear Chris corner's voice again with this new album.I think opening song is one of the important hit in this new release.The cover is similar with Kiss + Swallow.(as you now first impact is important for loving an album) i guarantee that you'll like The Alternative if you like first album of I am X project.Honestly ,there are good songs and bad songs in this album.But there isn't any bad vocals,vocal performance is amazing for an electronic album,pathetic,liquid.

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