Some Great Cover Rock Songs

Hooray! I don't remember when i last post about cover songs. what would happen if i remember, nothing! Oh you can't imagine how i feel crappy for writing a paragraph like that. To be Honest, most of cover songs are crap, but i should think of people who love cover songs. In some cases to cover a famous song is that performer needed money or popularity. On the other hand if musician adds the ability and artistic, a song becomes a truly artifact. I hate bands which try to gain success a cover song at the begining of their career. It really doesn't matter. But! Listen what you've covered at least. Because don't you know you're killing my favorite rock songs. In adition some stupid djs changes a rock song to a disco hit. Ugh! This post is about some good cover songs, now listen some good covers!

mp3: Bryan Ferry - Knocking On Heaven's Door 2007
Long a Bob Dylan fan, Bryan Ferry remade "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" for his 1973 self-titled album of covers. This time around, the celebrated Roxy Music leader turns in Dylanesque,
recasting 11 Dylan classics during a single live-in-the-studio week that leaves the album sounding vibrantly faithful to the original numbers. A great cover Knocking On Heaven's Door is a proof that we can call this like a wonderful treatment not a cover.

mp3: Nico - I'll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan) 1967
A almost different reworking of Bob Dylan's "I'll Keep It With Mine. Nico's art rock movement with heavy folk rock oriented music, and her name Nico which is written on the wall of musical history.

mp3: Everything but the girl - I Don't Want To Talk About It (Danny Whitten) 1988
Listen this originally written by Danny Whitten composition from Thorn and Watt. It's a certain kind of smooth, jazz-like radio friendly pop music.

mp3: Afghan whigs - Lost In The Supermarket (Clash) 1998
They have recorded this cover song for inclusion on a Clash tribute album.

mp3: The Venus In Furs - Baby's On Fire (Brian Eno) 1998
The song is included in Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack album, and it's a terrific soundtrack album
which also includes Lou Reed, Pulp, T.rex, Roxy Music, Steve Harley and more.

mp3: James Dean Bradfield - To See a Friend in Tears (Jacques Brel) 2006
You know if you read this blog regularly, the great western is one of my pick on 2006.

mp3: Frank Black & the Catholics - The big hurt (Wayne Shanklin) 1998
He's freak and i feel good whenever i hear his voice.


Anonymous said...

"I Don't Want to Talk About It" was actually written by Danny Whitten, the guitarist in Crazy Horse who died of an overdose after Neil Young fired him.

bulut on 7:10 pm said...

It's fixed, thank you! I don't know why i wrote Rod Stewart, i think i was in a hury.

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