Idlewild - Make Another World

Rating: 9.1/10
Modern Music Review
A growing band, four desirous albums watching each other artistically, walking together nearly twelve years despite all thorny ways. They have a new label, a new band member and a new album, "Make Another World", that bristles with taut melodies, guitars that say more than a thousand words ever could, and keen lyrical observations of a world where we all exist, however briefly or unwittingly.

It maybe looks easy composing a guitar pop album, but believe me it's not that easy. You need to make a sound which is simplicity and complex at the same time. Considering that musicians tried every kind of pop melodies and you have to bring into mind a new sound, new words. If it's metal or hard rock music, it won't be a problem. So you only play the guitar loudly, sounds like only for fun, it doesn't matter to think about 'how i'm going to play guitar?' In alternative music scene, you have to be your own identity to touch audience. Idlewild think about carefully
that little guitar noises, perspective songwriting, and a brilliant guitar pop flowing on this record. It's really amazing to observe your favorite band's best effort. I really die for simplicity in the life, because that's where we're coming from. This is the kind of music for people who really like music very much. Check out "Once In Your Life" for their huge performance on "Make Another World". I hear you friends, i know that it's pretty great.

What makes Make Another World! a duly great album is that it carries perfect harmonious guitars without sugar and Roddy supports this with a trembling, touching singing style. It makes a new world for you. “I suppose it’s about cityscapes, modern language and the way a person makes a city and the city makes the person,” Roddy says. This is a real reason to became infatuated! I can almost write to the wall that 'I'm happy'. Thank you Idlewild. Feb 26, 2007
MM picks: In Competition For The Worst Time, Future Works, A Ghost In The Arcade, Once In Your Life
mp3: Idlewild - In Competition for the Worst Time
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Anonymous said...

Very true. This is a shining beacon of an album, and also a great lesson in how to make excellent, emotional and scything rock music. Great review.

Anonymous said...

Accurate review as there will be very few albums (if any) this year that are better,unfortunately Make Another World will probably go unnoticed which is a shame. Saying that it's probably the worst album they have made so far

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