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Now i don't feel my fingers, and don't ask me why. Just play Either/Or, and don't interrupt my most precious moments. Come close to me gently, whisper the name of song to the ears softy. Because these are the most touchy songs that you will hear, so don't let them to break your heart. If you want to cry, then go on, cry!

- I don't know Elliott Smith.
- Oh what a pity, he's one of that genius musicians. Similarly to prodigy singer/songwriters, he'd lived short.
- Oh really, Mozart was the same, he'd lived short but his masterpieces...Mozart had only lived 35 years.
- and Elliot died at his 34, but i think he lives in my home with his amazing works such as Roman Candle, Elliott Smith, Either/Or, XO, Figure 8. All of these are great records.
- So tell me about Either/or, you said it's the best of him.
- Yes it's the best record that he brought. But i don't need to tell, the melodies are telling

On Either/or, he still plays all the instruments himself, he plays more of them. "Angeles" was included on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack, which won Smith the acclaim of Hollywood's biggest, brightest, and best connected voting body, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. This record never disappoints you. It's your best friend whenever you feel without friend. All melancholic, all spiritual!

mp3: Elliott Smith - Speed Trials
mp3: Elliott Smith - No Name No 5

Either/or Review
And also i'm so happy to hear the release of the upcoming double cd of elliott's music. Read More


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