Calla is another great band from New York City, formed in 1997, dropped four successful record.
With upcoming "Strength in Numbers" they make unadorned, heavily acoustic, emotional record and i can feel goodness of their experimental sound on this new stuff. Strength In Numbers is quite delicate that keeps gloomy, dark and high-flying sound waves. The band has their own charisma, while at the same time have been compared to Nick Cave and Low.

Calla playing shows across Europe, Greece, and Russia where new songs were written and rehearsed. Inspired by their travels and combining all aspects of their previous albums, Calla recorded their fifth album in NYC and Austin, TX. "Strength In Numbers" will be released Feb 20 in the US. I recommend you to listen "It Downed On Me" at first, and love balmy new song "Bronson".
Calla Official
mp3: Calla - Bronson "from forthcoming album"
mp3: Calla - It Downed On Me "from Collisions 2005"


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