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'Thank you, friends
I rejoice to the skies
Dear ones like you do the best I do.'
Thanks to the creative direction of guitarist/vocalist Marc Bolan (born Marc Feld).

It's quite heartfelt to thank you Marc Bolan with Big Star lyrics.If you ask me which albums don't get old?The fifth T. Rex album would be one of them(and though it was the first on which the act was billed as "T. Rex" (1970) rather than Tyrannosaurus Rex).T.rex ,a legend,Gleeful,sometimes very theatrical,sometimes a great fun.

Most of the previous Tyrannosaurus Rex albums had actually done pretty well on the British LP charts, but here Bolan made a determined move away from the cult hippie audience and toward a younger pop/rock one, simultaneously steering away from psychedelic acoustic folk-rock and toward a harder sound with electric guitars.Jewel,The Visit are way to hear amazing Marc Bolan vocals.You can't even impersonate his musical taste.I can't stop because "Root Of Star" is too much for me,Brilliant!"Beltane Walk" cheerful obsessed melody,"Is It Love" is a stylish which is a T.rex hit and one of his most contagiously underrated compositions ever.It never ends,
'we're gonna rock,is it love?Music of love?I know this sudden electric guitars solos
will kill me someday!Because the sound of T.rex is really changing life.

Don't get excited!Because you haven't listened "Summer Deep","The Wizard","Ride A White Swan" yet.'One day she came like a seagul woman!'Honestly this album is the classic of my heart.'Love you,Oh girl I do,Love you.' these lyrics from an acustic enchanting son "Suneye".So don't go to bed without listening this 1970 made T. Rex classic.


boris said...

One of the best albums ever! A perfect combination of what T.Rex had been doing and what was to come. The genius of Bolan on full display.

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