Thermals - The Body, the Blood, the Machine

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Indie Rock
Something coming from pleasure of being independent upon temperature punk-inspired indie rock.
On these 10 tracks, produced by Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty.

Modern music recommends this one strongly to taste them with The Walkmen,Art Brut and Band Of Horses.

First everything started as i was having my couple of tea in some kind of sleepy sadcore mode.I was wishing to listen from my cult dream pop album coll. but i changed the decision and had a go with Thermals' 2006 record "The Body The Blood The Machine".
Like a dormant animal i was waiting an action comin' up to rescue me from this sh*t.
That's for sure i wasn't an easy boy that i wouldn't be impressed some loud punk-indie
rock combined melodies.Then suddenly,i realized that obtuse lyrics were very harmonious with
that loud guitars.It took my attention then i gave it re-listen.

Meanwhile,Discovered three great song in order I Might Need You To Kill,Test Pattern,Saint Rosa And The Swallows and the rest of them are complementary.Hutch Harris' insistent vocals, politic diction, straight head indie punk guitar tunes are the particular fidelities on this record.
As their guitar lines are falling down and make any sense (Back To The Sea),vocal repeats itself
but it's clearing these problem by the good ones (Power Doesn't Run On Nothing).

Thermals's new record which is previously released on August 22,sweeping their previous "Fuckin A" (2004), More Parts Per Million (2003) with its non-stop energy and pure noise and arty experimentalism.
Oh,you didn't hear the end of story,once again i turned back listening my old classic rock
heroes...but it was pleasure.
MM picks:Saint Rosa And The Swallows
mp3:Test Pattern
Thermals bandsite You may also like:Band of Horses


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