Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire

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As the son of John Lennon, perhaps the most beloved Beatle, and avant-garde musician Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon was a celebrity before he had even begun his recording career.

The singer's first album in eight years followed “Into the Sun” and “Half Horse Half Musician” also includes instrumental help from Jon Brion and Matt Chamberlain, as well as guitarist Harper (son of Paul) Simon.

It was sure He would compose sad,angry and calm melodies because it’s in his gene which come from majestic,legend father John Lennon.From the beginning and till the end “Friendly Fire” keeps lush warm pop and eclectic roots.Eclectic, i said because they mostly sound like composed by someone else just as voice of John Lennon, magnificence of Beach boys.There aren’t anything unusual when you’re listening, some easygoing,all the same songs. There isn't much style variety among the songs; they basically all sound similar.

Lyrically, humble and resigned to a fault.You won’t even notice that you’re playing the last song.It tries to enter to your brain through the door of brain but no success. If he had known that,how to put various and some different songs to the album, he would have decided differently.As a listener,I want emotion, humour, authentic shortly some colours of life.It’s dull to live with only one colour,grey! However this is worth to listen.

It’s time to listen easygoing ten songs of Sean Lennon if it doesn’t include much style, a straight spin!
MM picks:Wait For Me,Spectacle
Listen:Parachute, Headlights
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