My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance have killed emo, and any preconceived ideas about them should be considered along with it.
Connection between Queen's classic "A Night At The Opera" is open and it's getting around new style trends The Black Parade (24 October 2006).
Modern Music Review
Queen style guitar solos,exausting loudy teenage style vocals and with a thin voice Na-na-na-na' caused irresistible headaches on me.On the other hand it's so profound, believe me this heavy metal influenced pop-punk melodies act like a killer (This Is How I Disappear).
This ambition is too much for My Chemical Romance and it blows away.
Freddie Mercury's that unbelieveable control in rock scene is completely incontrovertible,those
pianos, opera style vocals, glam rock oriented guitar solos...

At this point,it's hard to say same flattering words about My Chemicals, because
most of songs sound like Queen plus only some of poor quality rhytmic guitars, screaming
vocals.I listen and listen again to kill my subjectivity, its poor vocal performance explodes front of loud guitar solos.Think it's an advantage to ack like a legend band Queen, i hate this
tactic just as Green Day did (They stole from Sex Pistols).Of course they'll influence
but they do not need to steal. Here's a rule to survive with your music,be original!
It's the golden rule!Screaming, playing guitar like a fool simply isn't rock n' roll or
anything in rock. It's rule of buying a new car, maybe MTV can give it you by Pimp My Ride!
Oh my ears; He's singing like OOhoohoooo...(Disenchanted).
I prefer more listening some Black Metal bands than listen some commercial teenage minded effort.

Is that "Mama" sound very similar with Gogol bordello's "Start Wearing Purple"? It's the
only song which fits with Gerard Way's voice, so they do a gypsy punk album next, who knows?
By the way, they recall Queen style opera vocals in that one too.They sound as everyband,
it's hard to choose the tunes, vocals, guitar -- usually exhausting, complicated and

This is the kind of music for people who don't listen old icons such as Queen.
They only know a few about them, but they call themselves as a fan? The only thing
that i found is loud, i can use it to drive someone crazy. That's why i gave a three (I may
give a zero).
MM picks:Mama
Listen:Welcome to the Black Parade


Anna on 5:29 am said...

I totally disagree with this review. I'm sorry, i think it's just all wrong.

I appreciate the form, but, not the content.

Anonymous said...

My Chemical Romance are simply taking elements from the past and expanding upon them. This is a very entertaining and accomplished album, well worth purchasing. I understand if someone has a differing view, but there is little in this argument that really makes sense.

Anonymous said...

my chemical romance is one of the best bands i've ever heard!their music keeps getting better! THEIR OUTGOING LYRICS ARE WHAT KEEPS ME COMING BACK FOR MORE!

Anonymous said... it or not this review is on target. Thank god that this reviewer tells it like it is and doesn't suck up the hype/big media craplines put out by the major labels. Comparing this band to Queen is ludicrious. The musicianship is infantile in comparison to any of Queen's work. If you don't think so...revisit any of Queen's catalouge and compare the drumming and quitar playing. Not even close. When it comes to vocals and gets even sadder.....way sadder. What's even worse is the capabilities of this band live........there's not enough makeup in the world to hide the fact that they are posers.....what's even worse is you get the feeling from watching them that they know it. Ugh..........the only thing good about this band is their name and CD titles. There are a lot of great new bands putting new CD's out. This ain't one of them. Wake up......they are industry product 101.

bulut on 7:22 pm said...

You're definitely right and you're very perceptive! It was a mistake to put Queen and M. C. Romance on the same line but i had to do it. I felt your hand on my shoulder.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say but if this band is 'industrial crap' why even listen to the album. Infact, why even waste your time writing about it. All, this is a load of rubbish if you didn't like the band why did you even attempt to listen to their album. Just leave it alone and forget they ever existed. And a simple comment. If My Chemical Romance was such crap nobody would listen or buy their albums. Their are many other bands in the lime light that should not be, but you never hear me talking shit about them.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap (the review that is).

Ever thought about a change of career? Music reviewing is not your thing mate.

bulut on 7:34 pm said...

if i gave it ten point, would you think the same? I think you wouldn't. It's all about opinions. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with some. MCR's new recored is DEFINITLY not as good as 3 cheers. i love the band dont get me wrong, but it doesnt even sound like them. it sounds like they didnt have enough time to make it so they mixed so many bad things together!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but how old are you? (i mean you who did the review) i think you aught to think a bit about who this is ment for...not everybody by far...actually...JUST NOT YOU

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely MAD!!!!!!!!!!MCR rock!Full stop!

Anonymous said...

my chemical romance preformed a song taken from Queen!
its called UNDER PRESSUE !
how do you explain that.. You:''dont listen to old icons such as Queen''
Me: ''lmao, nerd!''

Anonymous said...

haha, nice 1, i've heard theyr preformance of Queen- under pressure.. it sounds like shit compared to Queen :S

Anonymous said...

you obviously have no idea what you're talking about my chemical romance sounds nothing like queen. MCR guitar is way rougher, the guitar solo's are usually in the backround while gerard way continues singing the song. I could agree it wasnt as good as 3 cheers for sweet revenge. my chemical romance made redifined the emo sound in my opinion with a more dark. THIS IS THEIR ORIGINAL SOUND NOT QUEENS SO JUST SHUT UP BECUASE THIS IS WORST PIECE OF SHIT I'VE READ. music reviewing isnt for you...

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