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You should put one of this songs to your playlist at least.
1.Grizzly Bear - Knife
2.Band of horses - The Great Salt Lake
3.Sleepy jackson - Devil Was In My Yard
4.The Decemberists - o Valencia
5.Lloyd Cole - Travelling Light
6.Smiths - I know it's over (Flashback!)
7.Arab Strap - Rocket, Take Your Turn
8.Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
9.Killers - When You Were Young
10.Bluetones - My Neighbour's House

As you see i put a Smiths song which is one the most romantic song of them.Grizzly Bear is our number one this week but i've been spending my whole time with Robyn's fresh record,for more Robyn Hitchock here.Also Beck's "Elevator Music" didn't appear in this chart but you may like it.You can find too many singles of The smiths at Instrumental Analysis.


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