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Here is a cranky review, insincere rock n' roll (mostly fake) music will crush your world!
It made me to remember one the biggest name Frank Zappa's "We're Only in It for the Money"
A real rock n' roll soul lies there. But in this record -- A little from there, a little from here, They make me nervous with their new "Shine On" (2006). Is it really cruel to say i hate from their music? I think it's not cruel and better to say "i adore them" even if i hate them. What a tasteless music which hasn't its own soul. It's just playing but i can't dive into. Their previous songs were a holocaust for me like lyrics 'look what you've done make me fool of everyone'? If these lyrics were written by Paris Hilton i would simply give ten point it but they call themselves as a hard rock band?

They've songs like 'yeah' then another 'baby' between every ten seconds shouting 'yeah' (Holiday). I really hate effortless music or i should call it "stolen". 'Oh yeah'--again this sh*t i won't call these as lyric! A little rock n' roll riffs, crying, singing with thin voice (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is). It didn't finish, we'll listen the most simple song in the world 'bring it on back bring it on back'.Unlikeable. Another headache (That's All Lies), then music turns to another style with "Kings Horses" cleverly because you should put a slow song after all craps. The only good song are "Eleanor", "Shiny Magazine" because of melody (mostly sounds stolen from George Harrison) which you can find similar melodies with Sleepy Jackson. No need to prostrate myself with listening more! Mostly colourless, sounds very pushing.
Other reviewers are more cleverer ,short and to the point! Pitchfork "Shine on" Review
MM picks:...
Stand Up, Come on Come on
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