Ed Harcourt - The Beautiful Lie

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Style:Adult alt., Indie
This is the fifth solo album from the prolific English singer-songwriter.
This album released on beginning of Summer ,June. This was a mistake, it would be better if it had released in autumn. Noone prefers to start a summer with deep, gloomy music. Still
noteworthy work, good works always get what they deserve.

The sound of album changable , once again reflective tunes in the middle , he's fighting with his voice just as Jeff Buckley and other adult-indie singer songwriters Nick Cave, Badly Drawn
Boy. The most important and magnetic points of "The Beautiful Lie" are Ed Hardcourt's great vocal performance and charming piano interludes.

Opening with up-beat songs (Whirlwind In D Minor,Visit From The Dead Dog) middle of album it turns to captivating melancholy rock. Songs like "Revolution In The Heart", "Until Tomorrow Then" are two drunk tank that mostly come from Tom Waits' locality.

Most of melodies are sneaking up to you and they're stoling something from you.Then they leaves some sensual memories which are your own. It shows you truths of life such as Good friends are hard to find.

"Scatterbraine" is a successful example of mixing various instrumental and fathomless vocal. More than this, purifying atmospehere of "Rain On The Pretty Ones", passionate breaking of "IAm The Drug" and great soul oriented work "Shadowboxing" can be marked as album's remarkable songs. His admiration to Nick Drake apears on "The Pristine Claw" clearly.

I've been listening this record for weeks and i'm sure it's sweet as a beautiful lie, Marvellous.Plus Includes guest appearances from Graham Coxon, The Magic Numbers and BJ Cole.
MM picks: Visit From The Dead Dog, Shadowboxing, Rain On The Pretty Ones
Listen: Whirlwind In D Minor
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