Damien Rice - 9

' I cover my eyes, still all i see is you, oh i know that i love you.'
Rating: 7/10
Modern Music Review
Style: Modern Folk
Second album of romantic Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice is coming up (14 November) with new acustic ten sentimental songs. The album took me for a ride. Seldom have I felt so unsatisfied.
It's been four years since his first record, it seems that he used this break for an expansion. It's good enough time 'four years' to explore new impressions about life.

There are plenty of new alternative folk melodies in "9" which sound as Bob Dylan, Radiohead , Jeff Buckley at the same time. "Animals Were Gone", "Me, My Yoke and I" (the noisiest one) and "Grey Room" are top works , also duets with Lisa Hannigan, are immediate highlights. "Elephant" is very similar with Radiohead's "Creep" or other acustic Radiohead works, isn't it? Anyway, it has become beautifully.

Rice is always getting into slender vocal style.Classic folkstyle song "Coconut Skins" comparable to many Dylan compositions.If you love to listen the previous Damien Rice, i strongly recommend thisone. It's comparable with Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, while in"9" lyrics are so powerful , it's killing you slowly with telling stories about love (Accidental Babies). Those simple pianos are covering all empties that Rice's voice has. This is a moderatecombination for music lovers who love to have peace of mind.

It's starting to play slowly, in the end you never hear your heartbeats. So brokenhearted, it's such innocent record too.
MM picks: Me, My Yoke and I
Listen: 9 Crime
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