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James was one of the populer manchester band on '80s and '90s with their pleasant folk-pop.The group was pegged as second-rate Smiths, yet continued to tour and record, eventually gaining a sizable following.I think they've an amazing starting to the music scene their first album with Stutter.Do you want to listen a gem from this album?then i can say you should listen Why So Close.James sound like a water flow,restful,peace-loving.In the late '80s, the group, like many of their British peers, became involved in the acid house-inspired "baggy" scene and recorded the baggy-inspired "Sit Down," which became their breakthrough hit.It can't wrong to listen them when you're happy.Shortly after "Sit Down," James became more experimental, culminating in a collaboration with Brian Eno that resulted in their biggest American album, Laid, in 1993.Their album which is released in 1990 and named Gold Mother is one of my favorite James work,i can request from this album Hang on wanderful melody.I don't prefer so suggest songs like sit down,seven,getting away with it or lose control because you can listen them on a best of collection and they're well-known songs.Let's jump to their Millionaires album and from this album you can listen We're Going To Miss You,sure you'll like it.They've a good end with releasing Pleased to Meet You.You can listen Pleased To Meet You from this album,it's a good choice to closing James spotlight.


Anonymous said...

very underrated band, tim booth is a great singer/songwriter. I remember Sit Down and everyone was wearing those flower t-shirts..... I wish i still had one.hahaha

Anonymous said...

They are not underated at all. They still have great fun base, and a great deal of their albums are critically acclaimed.

They are an excellent band, one of my favs. Good spotlight : )

Anonymous said...

yes a very good band, and they are a little under rated, but it doesnt really matter coz there fans do get what they want from them...
i am waiting for a few albums of theirs on this blog.


Cerebus said...

Jesus Afro is possibly the best wannabe pop song by a non-pop group I've ever heard.

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