The Divine Comedy - Victory For The Comic Muse

Modern Music Album Review:
Oh...Such a great great album.I think it'S one of the best adult release in this year.
As you know Modern Music reviews chosen ones. So "Victory For The Comic Muse" is what we look for to listen.

Divine Comedy will crush our world with this full of sorrowful release. Great piano and vocals are joining to pure sound and becaming a wanted album.

Opening song with Diva lady,directly you will be exciting if you're interested in
magical music. Songs are holding you one by one. Vocals are very fascinating.

As a matter of fact,this album takes control from me while i'm listening.i can easly
say there is scott walker influences but really it isn't a copy work.Also
Divine Comedy influenced by scott walker and this is a reason to be proud of them.

The plough is another factor which is important reason to give high point to this
album. Party fears two is an another gem which you shouldn't miss while listening.
You can find your own favorite song in this album.It is cocksure I am talking to it.
Too much work has been spent,we can simply see.Flying...
release date:June 19, 2006


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