Saturday, April 01, 2006

Calexico - Even My Sure Things Fall Through

On Even My Sure Things Fall Through, Tucson's Calexico compiles eight European B-sides, remixes, covers, and other unreleased tracks, as well as three CD-ROM videos. Such albums often come off as hastily compiled and shoddily sequenced, but Calexico's attempt at a rarities release is surprisingly coherent. From the then-unreleased opener, "Sonic Wind (Instrumental Mix)," to the elegantly lush remake of American Music Club's "Chanel No. 5," the 45-plus minute EP manages to showcase wonderfully the band's deserted desert songs, Tex-Mex music, and arid roots rock. And while diehards may more fully appreciate having these hard to find titles all on one domestically released album, Even My Sure Things Fall Through should prove to be a mini treasure trove for new Calexico fans as well.


bulut on 7:35 pm said...

1. Sonic Wind (Instrumental Mix)
2. Crystal Frontier (Widescreen Version)
3. Untitled III (Remix)
4. Chanel No.5
5. Banderilla
6. Crooked Road And The Briar
7. Crystal Frontier (Acoustic Version)
8. Hard Hat

bulut on 2:05 pm said...


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