Xiu Xiu - Remixed & Covered

Rating: 7.5/10
Modern Music Review
So magical, and so relaxing, this is new album by experimental indie band Xiu Xiu. Mostly it gives prominence to delightful pieces, starting slowly with superb lo-fi dynamics and the recording goes with emotional tasty music. Many standout Xiu Xiu works are being sung by guest singers, bands. One of the most beautiful sides of "Remixed & Covered" is surprising atmosphere of combinations through their experimentalist music.

Great new cover version of "Apistat Commander" with Sunset Rubdown definitely expresses why these are covered and remixed. Beautiful violins star in "Sad Pony Guerilla Girl"
and the song becomes a brooding instrumental effort. Moreover a notable Her Space Holiday collaboration appears. Another gentle indie rock piece from The Air Forse, "The Wig Master" kisses and smells brilliantly. Despite covered and remixed versions, Xiu Xiu's music has its own character, and this never disappears on this once again. Even, it gets stronger while covering sweet songs like "I Luv the Valley OH!". Aha!, i heard voice of Devendra Banhart, you sweet tremulous dude! You make all of us singing on your new recreated Xiu Xiu song, "Support Our Troops". Very Cute!

On second disc the atmosphere changes slightly, getting a higher tempo, and featuring more noises. And all those crazy indie rock elasticities offers high textured songs. But excepted wonderful version of song "Suha" (with Warbucks) reminds unbelievable anxious vocals of Mark Hollis from dreamy legend band Talk Talk.

A cover or remix record seldom does well, but this is magical! Street Date: Apr 10, 2007
MM picks: Apistat Commander (with Sunset Rubdown), Clowne Towne , Suha
mp3: Her Space Holiday - I Luv the Valley OH!


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