Blonde Redhead - 23

Rating: 7.7/10
Noisy music, powerful guitars, elaborate lyrics, neon lights, i can count many things that i discovered on Blonde Readhead's music. This is another beautiful record after standout "Misery Is a Butterfly".

Even if you don't know English well, you'll feel something sorrowful, you'll realize that there is something very deep about it. That's why we call it art which is universal and provides various colours between creative ideas. Blonde Readhead doesn't play a kind of music that everyone likes. But if you love this once, this won't change. Kazu Makino's gentle voice fits emotional music fairly good. Extremely tuneful guitars shine on "23" like a neon light. On "Spring and By Summer Fall", "SW" it gets the purest and you only listen it till the last. It's motionless record at times. Neither it's sharp nor pale, this is indie rock on right tuning. Notwithstanding many praises of mine, this isn't best Blonde Redhead. Still "Misery Is a Butterfly" is very impressive and modest record.

Skillfully "23" recrates your musical taste and do this without edging their musical style -- qualified and moving all the way. Be careful!, you suddenly fall in love with this record. Street Date: 10 april, 2007
MM picks: Spring and By Summer Fall, Top Ranking, My Impure Hair
mp3: Blonde Redhead - 23
mp3: Blonde Redhead - Heroine
Official Blonde Redhead


Anonymous said...

Blonde redhead, always progressing, I love it!!!!!!!

saru on 11:33 pm said...

the best part of the interpol concert i saw at radio city was seeing blonde redhead open. i should have left after their set ended!

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