Songs that kill Patience

Let's see how patient you are when it comes to listening some avant-garde, weird songs. Maybe it's not as hard as driving a car in middle of traffic or meeting a chatterbox friend while you are in a hurry. It's only music, and it won't kill you. But it's hard to listen these throughout.

mp3: The Young Knives - The Night Of The Trees
This song belongs to Oxford based indie rock band Young Knives, but it's not a innocent song. Oh, How he sings chorus in a thin lunatic voice, you forest runaway! Interesting but it kills your patience. Comedy!

mp3: The Tiger Lillies - The dreadful story about Harriet and the matches
This is not avant-garde but cabaret, gypsy music and opera. The song comes from one of my favorite london based band , however their songsare hard to stomach sometimes. He's singing like a little cat, meow! He only mews, mews and mews. Song from their best effort Shockheaded Peter (1999). I know it's music for lunatics but isn't it funny? Tiger Lillies Official

mp3: Silver Apples - Gypsy Love
Silver Apples is very tough and unbelievable band from New York. I'm sure most of you don't know them. Today, you'll listen dreadfully circular song of them, Gypsy Love which is further exploit the feelings one experiences once love is denied and the raw emotions that surface. If you love experimental and psychedelic music at the same time, this is rare! This is particular. The song comes from best Silver Apples record Contact (1969). Fine!, see you in space!

mp3: The Residents - Hit the Road Jack
This is awesome, one of the weirdest cover that i've heard in my life. The Residents are definitely UPA (unidentified playing artists).

What are the results? Are you able to listen all of these? If you're not, i have bad news for you.
You're not tolerant enough for discovering supernatural songs!


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