1. mp3: !!! - Heart Of Hearts (released on January 10)
2. Bluetones – Surrendered
3. Badly Drawn Boy – Journey From A To B
4. CSS - Off The Hook
5. Breaking Benjamin - Breath
6. The Enemy – It’s Not Ok
7. The Feeling - Rosé
8. Meat Loaf – Blind As A Bat
9. 30 Seconds To Mars – Attack
10. Killers - Read My Mind

After a successful tour together, Black Liquorice and Popesmashers decided to mix the former's disco and funk style with the latter's noisy aggressiveness, !!! was born. Chk chk chk, it's great fun to say chk chk chk. I liked "Heart Of Hearts" most, and it's truly nice music. "Heart of Hearts" was previously released on January.


Katacultura on 5:02 am said...

Hey, Great Blog. I like of !!!.
do you listen new SOULSAVERS album with MARK LANEGAN in vocals? Very good. Visit my blog( in portuguese, sorry).
bye bye.

bulut on 7:06 am said...

hi, glad you like it, and yes i listened new Soulsavers. It sounds terrific!

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