Noisettes - What's The Time Mr Wolf?

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
Energetic but aggressive, cracked but bluesy, indie rock but punky, Noisettes is ready to bounce you with their attractive debut "What's The Time Mr Wolf?".

One of the best thing on The noisettes is Shingai Shoniwa's assured singing style. Even if the guitar and drum coordination is quite satisfying, the dominant character of this band absolutely will be Shoniwa's lewd voice. You start with song "Don't Give Up", and it ends just like a pleasant fiery expedition. "Bridge To Canada" simply is best burning effort, and it's their high point, supporting meaningful lyrics by powerful loudy guitar chords. You see clearly how they're heavily influenced by garage rock on that song.

Shoniwa's voice on some songs is really detonate itself, she should know that she has to be worried about those uncontrollable high-pitched vocal. In anyway, Dan Smith's loudy guitars
help to cover that spotty vocal performance. That's why punk music is a little cracked style. It has its own right such as confidence, freedom, hilarity. As a matter of fact blending lots of style in one record alike blues, punk, garage, indie is a risky attempt. It may fill the gaps, one the other side it may frustrate all of those hard work. "Mind The Gap" perfectly puts the last full stop with its bluesy and airy wind.

Noisettes' "What's The Time Mr Wolf?" is another obvious proof that debuts are always ambitious. This album is enough reason that it's worth watching Noisettes' growing.
Audio, Video Streaming on Noisettes page
MM picks: Bridge To Canada, Mind The Gap, Cannot Even (Break Free)
mp3: Bridge To Canada


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