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Modest Mouse smashed me with the new record, "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank".
it is the first album with former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. If you see some anonymous people talking itchy on other blogs, that's because of they're jealous bastards. Modest Mouses are growing and bringing quite in a good mood music to the scene. Isaac Brock keep going to yammer. In an interview Isaac Brock said of Johnny Marr, "He made a cautious commitment to write and record with us, and then the tighter we got, he was like, ‘okay, let's tour too.' Then he was pretty much a member of the band-- not pretty much. It's really amazing to see Johnny on this modest band. I can feel those very soft guitar joints on the new record. So they're funny, odd, and still fucking amazing. Review is coming soon!
mp3: Modest Mouse - Missed the Boat (****)
Watch "Dashboard," "Float On," and "Ocean Breathes Salty" at here.
Modest Mouse Official

And The Papercuts, mentioning on good music always works on faces. It's peaceful feeling that you're happy. Maybe not always music will help you to be happy but you see the title above. It's 'Without music life would be a mistake'. The Papercuts' music is gentle enough for me, like ' look there is no cloud in sky'. They're traveling through the air on wings from San Francisco, CA. Their secondary record "Can't Go Back" reminds a view of water flowing. It's melodic, less noisy, and pure all the way. Here!, a modest song.
mp3: The Papercuts - John Brown (*****)


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