The Zutons - It's the Little Things We Do

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The Zutons release a new single It's the Little Things We Do,taken from their second album "Tired Of Hanging Around". This third single which is the most standout work of the album with its guitar chord progression.It sounds clearer than previous ones Valeria and Why wont You Give Me Your Love.Lyrics are about routine rock themes wine, woman, cigarettes, going out at nights and after all, being alone with repentance in your brain. The real potential in this song is amazing accord between lyrics and music themes,seemingly guitars are telling the same remorse. Lyrically,though it's incuding some rambunctious verse, It's commonly showing exhausted feeling or emotion.

'So I get up and go down the stairs and try to make a sandwich But the ham and cheese, margarine they speak an evil language It says "Don't eat me I don't deserve to be there in your stomach"'

"It's the Little Things We Do" is a fastmoving and nice expression with its good-balanced simplicity, manifest listen. It's a little melodic story about you have to pay for all the good times that you had.
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