Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis

Jarvis is the debut solo album by Jarvis Cocker. It is due for relese in the UK on 13 November 2006.
Modern Music Review
Indie Rock
At least i had a chance to listen Jarvis new debut "Jarvis" for several times.At first sight we can all say it's a totally pretty album for Pulp fans.It sounds little more indie but great to hear old Jarvis style vocals at any cost.From this point this album seems to follow lazy tunes where we used to listen in "We Love Life".Again i can say this album isn't pretentious like "We Love Life" or other top Pulp albums (Different class,This is a Hardcore) but there is a truth it should exist in your music archive.Difference of this debut, it includes more adult alternative tunes with its lyrics,ambience and flow.

More you listen more you get in, so it isn't a kind of album which you love at your first spin.
There aren't one-way feelings then it sounds energic,playful(fat children) sometimes
elegant (baby's coming back to me) because of the vocals.

Middle age influenced lyrics and bewitching "Disney time" one of the front work and that's for
sure you'll be pleased to spend time with this song,gorgeous!I want to see good sides of the works,of course no need to say 'that song sucks' or 'this isn't perfect because of that song',because we all know that can't be perfect!Believe me it's a good taste,it isn't a waste of time.Jarvis Cocker has been in too many fights in music to prove himself and He did it.Artistically,"Jarvis" is one of that stars which is shining brightly.
MM picks:Heavy weather,Disney time
Mp3:Black Magic, Fat Children


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