Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards

Rating: 8.2/10
MM review
Style: Indie Rock
'Your preference for heavy weathers'
Cold War Kids which is one of the hottest Californian bands of the moment. Zane Lowe was playing this band's demos way before they were signed, and they're now sounding better than ever.
We call all those bands as Indie. Actually some of them is indie and rest of them is performing their own sound as Cold War Kids.

There was nothing to do nowhere to go i took to listen Cold War Kids' 2006 record "Robbers & Cowards". I listened a while. Later I noticed those robbers and cowards. They were singing with a cowardly voice which stole my heart at first listen. Only there was me and those trembling voice, which is reminded me blessed soul Jeff Buckley, covered my room.

There was a heavy weather outside, i had to get rid those rain drops.
"Hang Me Up To Dry" was a cold melody which was usually dark , into pathetic pianos, driven guitars. Then "Hair Down" started to greatly, splendidly in this one some guitar chords recall "Maps", which was a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song. I noted that Jonnie Russell was impressed by Jeff Buckley.

"Passing The Hat" was a great indie sounded latin melody branch for hold to. Vocals were also comparable soul vocals that might be too agresive. Those angelic vocals belong to Jonathan Russell were remarkable reason for love this record. I was patient to listen more Cold War Kids and i was right! First single "We Used To Vacation" was the highest performance, the heart of record.It was the opening but i didn't notice at first listen how it was great. Moreover soulful
"God, Make Up Your Mind" was one the most optional song. It was very clever to put this one to the end.

I finally made my decision and this was a wonderful debut album tell to despite of the cold , rainy weather outside. Red Wine, Success! Believe me if you love Jeff Buckley and if you're warm to indie rock, you'll love this. It's been a narrative review but every album has a story.
MM picks: We Used To Vacation ,Passing The Hat , "Red Wine, Success!"
Listen: We Used To Vacation
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Cold War Kids Official Page


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