The Who to bootleg themselves!

Why? Because they 'fucking can'The Who star Pete Townshend has revealed every show on the band's forthcoming European tour will be bootlegged - by the band themselves.

The guitar legend and singer Roger Daltrey have devised a plan to record the shows themselves - and all the proceeds from the resulting DVDs, CDs, podcasts and downloads will go to charity.

Townshend revealed in a posting on his offical website: "Every show we play is bootlegged by someone. With Roger's OK already given I intend to bootleg Who shows myself and give the proceeds to charity.

"On this tour we will sell DVDs as well as CDs. We will also sell downloads. We will also offer podcasts.

"In addition we will webcast a Live Stream of 30 minutes featuring at least one LIVE number by the Who from every show for 99c. Proceeds to local health, childrens' and street charities."

Townshend also revealed the rock veterans will webcast an entire show for a major charity - and are looking for some help in doing this.

He wrote: "Why are we doing this? BECAUSE WE F***ING WELL CAN. Will it make us look good? WE DON'T GIVE A F**K. (I can still be rather crude in my old age, you will probably have noticed).

"If you are a corporate sponsor considering sponsoring The Who in this mammoth FIRST EVER tour webcast venture, get your head out of your arse and walk towards us. We are about to take off."
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