Eurovision Song Contest 2006 Winner

Certainly, they deserved to be winner of 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.Their make-up,
costume,song,performance was amazing.I watched them with a enjoyable smile on my face,and they joined their own style to the competition.I don't like Eurovision Song Contest because of silly voting,every country gives their neighbour country,so it can't be a judicious competition.But lordi was really worth to watch.The music wins..You can watch their video from here:
Lordi - Hallelujah video


Anonymous said...

I watched last nights show, The first time in several years and all it did was to remind me what a fucking joke this shambles is. It should have been called The Eastern European Song Contest. Shit songs (all of them), shit singers, shit dance routines with Lordi being at the top of the dung pile.

Anonymous said...

lordi brought perspective to the ridiculousness of the eurovision song contest. regardless, it was amazing, and i'm very happy they won. :)

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