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Supergrass - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Smiths cover)
I made a mistake yesterday sorry about fall the smiths cover.

Now let's listen Supergrass...I prefer to listen the original version but you may like this cover too.
Supergrass putted the begining of original song to middle of the song,so you can think that song is finished middle of it but it isn't.Volume is going down and becaming mute then volume is rising...
When i first listen Smiths version i thought that it was a record fault,but it wasn't.One of my fav. smith song...Click for listen


Anonymous said...

i wrote you about the false coverversion from the fall...
do you have some more songs/albums from the fall?
hard to find songs one of my favourite bands from the late 80's ;-)

bulut on 2:42 pm said...

I'm a big fan of them too.I haven't got every album of them,about 7 album in my archive.

Anonymous said...

it's me should share the albums ;-)...
i just have the fantastic "i am kurious oranj"...for me one of the best from the fall

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