Thom Yorke & My Bloody Valentine - Edun Ep

Rating: 10/10
I always thought that Thom Yorke should collaborate with some shoegaze gods to make strong his druggy style. Then i think my dreams become true! This druggy voice merges with Kevin Shields' matchless layered musical thoughts.

The result is simply mind-blowing, every version of Edun, Shields, Yorke and Ambient Super Fuzz Drone edits move rhythmically to music in space. This is not close to any Radiohead or My Bloody Valentine songs, totally original!

I was just joking. Edun is the music is MBV's "Instrumental B" reversed as Thom's vocals, with effect of noise over it (thanks for the info Kevin). It is not an official release. Neither Radiohead nor My Bloody Valentine has announced this as a collaboration. so, my score goes:
Rating: 4/10

Thom Yorke - Edun

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Anonymous said...
Password: ufologia

marionela on 9:59 pm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This is a hoax...

Kevin on 3:43 am said...

Yes, this is a hoax, BUT these are NOT "Nude" remixes. If you haven't noticed, the music is MBV's "Instrumental B" reversed as Thom's vocals, with effect of noise over it (thanks, Garageband!).

BTW, we're pretty sick of people calling them "remixes," already.

bulut on 6:59 am said...


Anonymous said...

that was retarded. thanks for having something meaningful for me to read.

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