Art Brut - Its A Bit Complicated

Rating: 8.1/10

South London's Art Brut prove themself, and they ironically rock all the way while other britbands --Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, are licking their lollipops.

"Its A Bit Complicated" is very nice with full of rock'n roll hooks. Eddie Argos reminding to The Falls' vocalist Mark E. Smith with his snarling, nearly incomprehensible vocals. Their rapid guitars are here to control your emotions thoughtlessly. Ironic lyrics, go-go guitars, a fully grown record comes as this years' the most rockable record. Even if he never gives up his unmelodious and talkie vocal, you really go with his empty words. He's saying 'sorry if my accent's fooled' or 'punk's not dead', and you're almost about to answer 'no problem play on, you rock'. Almost every song sounds addictive and ready to rock with the soul of punk rock. "Bang Bang Rock & Roll" was hit that summer, and this is better. Art Brut's "Its A Bit Complicated" is a very good reason to stop listening those the increasing indie kids.
MM picks: Late Sunday Evening, Blame It On The Trains, St. Pauli
mp3: Art Brut - Jealous Guy
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YOU ARE A GHOST on 9:45 am said...

the influence of the fall is almost impossible to escape from in any post punk band...

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