Tracey Thorn - Out Of The Woods

Rating: 6.5/10
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First solo album in 25 years from the female half of Everything But The Girl (her first solo album, A Distant Shore, was recorded just prior to the formation of EBTG in 1982). On this album, Thorn collaborates with Tom Gandey (AKA Cagedbaby) and Ewan Pearson amongst others.

Tracey Thorn's disappearance for over twenty years is the birth of this heavy lighted the first solo album. Thorn’s takes control of record at once -- which includes different contemporary work "Here It Comes Again", gloomy trembeling synthesizers of A-Z, heavily 80s disco oriented songs "It's All True", "Grand Canyon", and "Raise The Roof".

Songs moderately complies with every genre from pop to soul, jazz to rock and also electronica. It's easy getting into entire record, because "Out Of The Woods" takes power of its music from self-possessed character. There is anything unusual on Tracey Thorn's voice, as always it's soft and fruitful. Despite changeable beats and long sweet pop-soul connections, her voice keeps on same style on and off, lyrics are basically centered on domesticity. After a rhytmic song it's quite out of topic listening a very blue song. That's the result of uncompleted song order. Moreover it's the weirdest listening which offers an extra gloomy song before a Club/Dance song (Grand Canyon). It was as if the song pretended like their the most popular hit, "Missing".

Obviously her distinctive talent again appears on this one. However it doesn't get great while it insistently provides relieved tracks one by one.
MM picks: A-Z, It's All True, Raise The Roof
mp3: Tracey Thorn - Here It Comes Again


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