Nico - The Frozen Borderline: 1968-1970

Rating: 10/10
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Two great album by stellar rock legendary Nico; "The Marble Index", "Desertshore" are both being remastered in a 2CD collection, The Frozen Borderline: 1968-1970 (2007). I must admit that this is one of the best remastered and important record for me, it reminds you a picture of complicated feelings, and your eyes get wet. As a beautiful rock figure herself, she never released a commercial work in her admirable musical career. They're all theatrical and beautiful records, and The Frozen Borderline offers two Nico masterpiece in which songs only sound as Nico and her style. After listening thousand times, you can consider that her works such as "No One Is There", "Facing The Wind", "Janitor Of Lunacy" are quite arty, perfect, striking work of art. Especially on "Facing The Wind" your ears stuck on Nico's deep, brooding vocals which appear on every song. Gloomy and dark soundscapes, disordered violin surprisingly fascinate you throughout. How a deadpan vocal could be so impressive? But she was Nico, and during her individualistic career she was recording her dark folk-rock-flavored amazing debut "Chealsea Girl", after followed by a dramatic Nico classic "The Marble Index", but the real melancholy came on 1970. "Desertshore" produced and arranged by John Cale, and Nico gave the soul of record by providing her extra impenetrable lyrics and unforgettable vocals.

This compilation features a lot of alternate and Demo version of the songs. You really want tell feelings on her songs, but after awhile you realize that it's not possible. After "Chelsea Girl", Nico's influential works are all contained in The Frozen Borderline, two drop of tear have never been so bitter, completely atypical and mind blowing.
mp3: Nico - Roses In The Snow (Outtake) (Alternate Version)
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Phil on 1:07 am said...

I can take or leave Nico, but as for the rest of your fabulous blog, it's sublime. I've just spent a fantstic hour or so going through posts like The Cocteau Twins one wondering why I didn't have mp3 files of these tracks of my life. Thanks!!!

Phil on 2:53 am said... Aw! You got me going!!!!

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