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We love music blogs, i always check who links to this blogs. Because it's great to discover your pages which include a lot of different offers. We already agreed with the main good idea on music blogs is that sharing some beautiful digital little creatures, we used to call them as mp3s. It changed our lives (some of us). It helps to get our musical taste freely, of course we love buying some cool records. But, to be honest, a person can't buy all of them if he/she doesn't make extra money.

Under-G has Fastball's great record "All The Pain Money Can Buy" which consists of my favorite Fastball songs such as The Way, Fire Escape and Sooner or Later.

SoundBox shares many Jimi Hendrix BBC SESSIONS collections, it's worth checking.

R indie leads us to a melancholy masterpiece by Portishead, Dummy.

You probably don't understand the language but some good choices can be found at 8/1. He shares some new songs from Brett Anderson, as previously noted, we loved new Brett Anderson.

...And for a good saturday Modern Music recommends:

1.Dave Matthews Band - The Last Stop
2.Dave Matthews Band - Don't Drink the Water
3.Neil Young - Heart of Gold
4.David Bowie - Modern Love
5.Roxy Music - She Sells


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