Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City

Rating: 8.2/10
Modern Music Review
The group has everything that needs to conform to the currently received ideas of what a band is. They have musical tastes as well as friends in common, heavily influenced late 70s punkers such as Joy Division, Gang of Four and Sonic Youth, taking experimental noises and blending these noises onto their music without leaving what pop culture needs. All of these create Bloc Party and make them favorite indie rock band since their prosperous debut Silent Alarm.

"A Weekend In The City" is band's new excitement in which they're running to more complex sound waves. At first appearance, it's definitely hard to understand what's going on in the record. Like anything that seems rigid at first glance, it doesn't want to show most excellent side of itself. Believe that every good record sounds queer at first. That's why because you discover grateful composition on the songs time after time. Every song has its own beauty, searching blow to get you in. Powerful guitar lines of "Hunting For Witches", dramatic beginning with "Uniform" and its perfect exiting, smooth ideas in "Where Is Home?" -- are giving an account of "A Weekend In The City".

With "A Weekend In The City", Bloc Party proves why they're so formative today's indie music trend, one step forward, and it never looks back. Release date: 6 Feb. 2007
Listen entire album at Bloc Party Myspace
MM picks: Hunting For Witches, Uniform, Where Is Home?
mp3: Bloc Party - Hunting For Witches


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