The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes

Rating: 6/10
Modern Music Review
Style : Indie Rock
They're famous for self-titled debut in 2005 and they embrace their fans with new "Those The Brokes" which recorded and produced by the band. With this new one, they continue to their melodic indie pop songs, mixing 60s magical pop agreements.

A cup of tea and waiting for herald of winter. Seeing a light outside of your window, you're fighting with your indecisions, should i go to work?, am i going to sit this place forever?. Waiting for someone to rescue you from this weakness. Actually you know how to get rid of this situation. Simply, you should turn off the music. You can't reach the button because you don't want to end up the things in that way. Listen and beware of the results. If you fall in love with this, you'll have to bear the concequences; becaming a lazy person, living on your own core. And also if "Take a chance" is playing , it's not possible to runaway. Still they're ringing in my ears "Forever Lost", "The Mule" , " Love Is A Game" and the other beautiful melodies from previous album.

"Carl's Song" is similar to "Forever Lost" which was a haunting emotional song from previous record. It's starting to play ordinarily , then suddenly flowers are becoming to pale on chorus.
It was very nice of them to release one after another easygoing songs. In this order "Carl's Song", "Boy" , "Undecided" they sound quite amazing.

After "Slow Down", i'm really disappointed with airless atmosphere. It slows down and down, you're looking for the sharp guitars (except "Running out") which "Take a chance" and "Boy" have. Soul style vocals are quite clear on "Most of the time" and it makes you feel that you're listening a soul band but indie. "Take me or leave me" sounds as an atmospheric soundtrack but mostly it belongs oldies years ,The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter's calm, pretty voice was the most distinctive element of their music.

More or less, i liked this new stuff and also i had liked the first album. It's mellow herald of winter.
MM picks: Carl's Song, Boy
Listen: Take a chance
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The Magic Numbers


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