Beach House - Beach House

Rating: 7.2
Modern Music Review
Style: Dream Pop
How it is feel like playing guitar on air?
Alex Scally (guitar/keyboards) and Victoria Legrand (vocals/keyboards), the latter of whom is the niece of French composer Michel Legrand, create the dreamy lo-fi sounds of Beach House.

Warning! If you don't have any heater in your house, don't listen this one. If you used to live with cold , then say hello to your new buddy! Airy guitars, bells, voice of a sad woman, and loneliness of Tokyo are enough to describe "Tokyo Witch". On "Apple Orchard" supposing that guitars are crying with Victoria Legrand's voice.
"Auburn and Ivory" is the most melancholic one. Truly i'll get cold while i'm listening this record. At the same time i love this cold which was a friend of mine before. We had met while we were listening Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500, Luna ,Slowdive. In addition , Vocal style of Victoria Legrand proves that he's influenced by Nico.

My hands were near to freezing near the end of album. I need something to warm up my inside, unluckily there was anything to warm me. Then, "Childhood" was playing, this was the last shot. No way to return back!

They're only two person but this record sounds as it was made by one dozen person. This is one of the most depressing record of this year. Everthing has a price. You wanted to walk around above clouds but you got cold. You forget something about clouds which are so beautiful but also very far from you.
MM picks: Auburn and Ivory, Childhood
Listen: Tokyo Witch
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