Wolfmother:Debut(psychedelic rock)

Wolfmother is the first full-length album from the Australian three-piece psychedelic rock band Wolfmother. With guitars set to "unreconstrackted" this Sydney trio are the missing link between Black Sabbath and The White Stripes. Propelled (r/ voluminously haired frontman Andrew Stockdale's guitar heroics and uncanny Jack White-alike wail, the lines of Mind's Eye and Dimension are elemental slabs ot heavy rock that have been nibbling at the blotter acid. Thankfully, a knowing sense of humour- Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes, anyone? - saves them from Campaign For Real Rock-style worthiness.Far from rocket science but immense fun nonetheless.


C├ęcilia said...

Excellent thing ! A little like Queens of the Stone Age, but excellent all the same. I hope a second CD will come soon !

Thank you for your blog !

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