The Beautiful South - Superbi

Modern Music Album Review

Small happiness with gentle guitar tones
Opening song 'Rose Of My Cologne' you'll hear female vocals
country melodies with a little joys?Yeah definitely it.We can remember 80s
with their new single Manchester.Shining and also lively.

'There Is Song' is slower and this song explains their style.also we can say
Beautiful South doesn't changed its's still great listenable release for
their funs.Always there are melancholic songs in their albums.

This album tastes more adult pop and adult rock.Combination of female and male vocals
are great in song named 'The Cat Loves The Mouse'.You need to listen this album
for falling in it.Because lyrics and little guitar rhythms can be noticed by more
than two spin.Honestly i didn't get anything first listen,but after my third listening
songs tried to take me in.

Misery and meloncholy are the dominant elements in this album you'll directly
see it.But low guitar melodies are hidden ,so take your drink and play the album.
I'm sure you'll feel great.But you can also say misery isn't proper for the summer,
you are wrong and right.Sometimes its great to listen slow albums like Beautiful South did.

'When Romance Is Dead' is a weird's starting slow but suddenly it goes lively and
it's wanderful.Paul Heaton is enough good for listening this album.The weakest song is
Meanwhile,i think it decays the album when you're in the middle of listening.
you may think to close the same way 'Space' is doing same work,These
songs can choke you.

You can find 'Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox','Form Now On' a little alt. country song and a little
ordinary.But complete of this album is quite listenable and delightful.

picks:The Cat Loves The Mouse,Manchester.
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Spotlight:Johnny Dowd

Johnny Dowd was almost 50 when Wrong Side of Memphis, his record of wracked country-folk-rock tunes, drew comparisons to Nick Cave in the alternative press. To a degree, the parallel is justified. Wrong Side of Memphis, after all, is devoted in large part to murder songs and tales of doomed sinners, and suffused with outlaw paranoia. Yet Dowd is -- as someone who grew up in Texas, Memphis, and Oklahoma, and now runs a trucking business in upstate New York -- someone who's genuinely closer to the source of American creepiness. He's also not so damn serious about it all; aside from the gallows humor permeating much of his work, his crackly voice tends to undercut any traces of self-importance. Dowd's sound is dominated by his singing and guitar, yet spooky dabs of organ and synthesizer place him outside of the rootsy Americana camp. His debut immediately established him as an important cult figure whose weirdness seemed to be wrought from true experience, and not the result of some phony pose. On his second album, 1999's Pictures From Life's Other Side, Dowd edged slightly away from the cliff, using a full band of musicians and a female backup singer to craft a punchier and less folk-rooted sound. His singing and lyrics, however, remained nearly as disquieting as they were the first time around. Temporary Shelter, issued in early 2001, and Pawnbroker's Wife, from the following year, were more accessible, produced records. Cemetary Shoes followed in 2004.
Modern music recommends his Pictures from Life's Other Side album

8 Countries 8 Bands

United States
Botanica - Berlin Hi-Fi(2006)
How is a great song from Berlin Hi-Fi.

Fool's Garden - Ready For The Real Life(2005)
Maybe little commercial but Does Anybody Know is a great single from the album.
Also they've great songs like Lemon Tree,Probably,Why Did She Go? from their
previous albums.Fool's Garden is a band which you shouldn't miss.

Louise Attaque - A Plus Tard Crocodile(2005)
Si l'On Marchait Jusqu' à Demain,See You Later Alligator

Buffalo Daughter - New Rock(1998)
New Rock, Great Five Lakes, Socks, Drugs and Rock'n'roll
New rock is a good melody you should check it out.Vocals are so transparent,guitar
tunes strange.They influenced from Beastie Boys.

Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice(1999)
Maybe you heard their hit song 'Too Many DJs' but there are great songs in this album
When Logics Die is my pick from the album.

United Kingdom
Keane - Under The Iron Sea(2006)

Maida Vale - Neo-Bliss (2005)
Maida Vale is a Rock / Metal / Progressive band.i can recommend 'Guide to the game o'
from their Neo-Bliss Cd single.

Martyn Jones
Martyn Jones composes, plays and records artsy/rock type music for pleasure,
and for occasionally sharing with anyone who wants to listen.Make a difference
is a great work.
You can listen and download free his songs from here

Why these countries?Because from up to down , they visited more modern music .

Album of Week:Half Japanese

Half Japanese - Bone Head
With 'Futuristic Lovers' in this album,it's great. i'm very happy to listen such a great album.Strange vocals belongs to Jad Fair.
Strange guitar riffs with cool vocals.Great,great it's very suitable to listen this album wtih some Jonathan Richman,Velvet Underground,Lou Reed,Cramps.This is what i'm going to do right now.All these names are strange and all these names are perfect for me.i'm saying and saying it again Half Japanese's 'Futuristic Lovers' song is so fascinating.There is a song named 'Sometimes' in this album so short so energic so original so weird.Piano melodies with bizarre background noises.if you lookin' for a different,extraordinary style i can recommend this album.
Also 'Celebration' is an enjoyable song from this album.
The album was recorded in Switzerland and was released by Alternative Tentacles Records in early 1997.
You can listen and buy this album from here click

The Dears - Gang Of Losers

Modern Music Album Review:
Indie Rock
The Montreal band led by Murray Lightburn is a little more rocking and a little less orchestral on this follow-up to 'No Cities Left.'
It's very great to hear their new album after their stunning debut "No Cities Left".

Album opens with an intro named 'Sinthtro' ,then "Ticket To Immorality" which is the first single, is spreading Murray Lightburn's
soulful singing. On "Death Or Life We Want You", you'll instantly notice sharp guitar attraction, but this song can't charm you as "Hate Then Love" does. The song contains well-known Dears-like up and down waving motions which we know from first album. It feels like everytime different. First time, i loved vocals, but second time i loved atmosphere of this song, great melody, one of the best song in this record. I considered 'Hate Then Love' with "Lost in Pilot" from their first album.

You can find more indie and post-rock tunes in "Gang Of Losers" according to "No Cities Left". We're slowing with There Goes My Outfit. 'Bandwagoneers' is an another great, standout light. Starting of this song and vocals are very similar with The Smiths and Morrissey songs
, but they're really great and original. 'Bandwagoneers' are including best vocal performance
becuase vocals are so liquid and back effects and ambiance are perfect. I liked very much end of the song.

Murray Lightburn is one of the most promising new singer, he uses his voice professionally.
After Listening "Bandwagoneers" which is again of my fav., you hear "Fear Made The World Go 'Round" and With the song, the record proves that charming melodies never disappears.You'll say forthwith this album is a complete album. There aren't any crap songs or lack of melody. "Fear Made The World Go 'Round" is a louder song than the others. "Find Our Way To Freedom" is the best recent work of dears, including saxophone. Think that, what will be if Lightburn's voice is joning with saxophone?

"Whites Only Party" seems an energetic song but it isn't.Colourful melodies with misery,i think if it would be sauce,it was very delicious. You can see openly Morrissey influence on Lightburn's vocals in this song.

"Gang of Losers" is some kind of airy emotional record yet. The emotions which make Gang of Losers very good indeed.
MM picks: Hate Then Love, Bandwagoneers, Fear Made The World Go 'Round
This title will be released on August 31, 2006. You may order it now

Cover Cover Cover

R.E.M. - First We Take Manhattan(Leonard Cohen)
REally succesfull cover,i'm listening this song like an other song.
Cover should be in this way,you should add something to the song from
yourself.Starting of the song can't be so wanderful.It's a cover which you
must definitely add your archive.This cover touchs you,it feels something very

I'd really like to live beside you, baby
I love your body and your spirit and your clothes
But you see that line there moving through the station
I told you I told you I told you I was one of those

Michael Stipe uses his voice perfectly as usual.i won't say anything to guitars.
Amazing Cover...

You can find this fantastic cover on I'm Your Fan Leonard Cohen (Tribute) album.

Neil Young hits out at George W Bush

He explains his anti-war album

Rock legend Neil Young has spoke out against US involvement in Iraq as he explained his reasons for releasing his anti-war album 'Living With War'.

The LP, released last month, contains songs which amount to a protest against the 2003 US involvement in the war in Iraq and subsequent military presence.

Young, 60, told The Observer he wanted to speak out in order to inform the US citizens of the situation.

He said: "A big part of what this record is about is just getting the information out there that Americans have a conscience about what's happening, too. There's a lot of people in America who didn't want this war to happen, who just want to be able to express themselves about this situation, but for various reasons they are not being heard. In a way this record is not for me, it's for them."

He added: "My voice, and what I think as an individual, is much less important on this project. It's the project itself that's the important thing. It's about making yourself heard."

Young admitted he was initially reluctant to commit to such a project - but such were his feelings he couldn't let it rest.

He commented: "For a while, you know, I didn't feel it was my place. Being 60 years old."

He added: "We need a leader who's more cautious, not so reckless with things they don't understand. Other cultures need to be respected. Culture itself needs to be respected. I mean, I feel Saddam was bad and had to be overthrown, but are we smart or are we stupid? At this point in our evolution, with all the technology that we have, there has to be a better way of doing this than bombing a country into oblivion."

While lookin' my music archive:Magnetic Fields

Slow melodies,vocals and times.Maybe with magnetic filelds you can catch the time and count seconds.Misery and Brightness in the same music.Little shinings with clear and modest vocals.
I'll highly recommend The magnetic fields.If you don't know them,it's the right time to know about their works.You can start to listen with their complication album comprises three disc '69 love songs'.If you want to face The Real Magic in music so you can Buy I Album.
You can fly with this pure album.All the songs in this album can touch you.if there's such a thing as love,this album is real.So,it's certainly real.

The Most Modern 10 (5)

1.Gary numan - in a dark place(New)buy this
2.The walkmen - Louisiana
3.Divine comedy - diva lady
4.Raconteurs - Blue Veins(New)Buy this
5.Sonic Youth - Incinerate
6.Mojave 3 - Breaking the ice buy this
7.Phoenix - Long Distance Call
8.Paul weller - Thats entertainment(live)
9.Tom Yorke - Black Swan(New)
10.Beautiful South - Manchester(New)

I'm sure you know about the Raconteurs their new and first album Broken Boy Soldiers worth to listen.I picked Blue veins from this album,great vein song.I'll again suggest Gary numan's new album you'll find lots of electronic darkness in this album.Tom Yorke's new solo album is a good album but i won't say black swan is great single but still avarage song for The Most modern.


The Divine Comedy hit the road
Smiths get signed
Grandaddy man goes solo

Bono goes solo
JJ72 to split
Iron Maiden Unveil New Album Details
Slash: I'm Not Rejoining Guns n' Roses

Album of Week:Bonnie Prince Billy - I See a Darkness

it's not wrong to say this is the best album of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.Slow and lethal songs with imperfect vocals.But you'll see He knowingly do this kind of vocals.Sometimes Will Oldham's voice is cracking but this is really very original of his style.'I See a Darkness' is including songs which are resting your brain and your ear.this album is self-possessed at full speed.'I See a Darkness','Black','Madeleine-Mary','Death to Everyone' are important song.You'll be satisfied with great piano melodies,indeed refreshing.This album means ease with trembling vocals.
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Spotlight :The Dears

The Dears, a loose collective of Montreal-area musicians formed in 1995, are led by the charismatic Murray Lightburn. Citing Serge Gainsbourg as a major influence, the band combines cabaret-style vocals with a moody, intense brand of orchestral pop/rock. Lightburn's vision for the band is to create music out of real emotions, often giving his performances the feel of a musical therapy session. Given the level of intensity that this vision can require, it's not surprising that the Dears have endured numerous member defections, including a guitarist, drummer, and two bass players. The Dears released their debut CD, End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story, on Grenadine Records in 2000. In early 2001, the band entered the studio to record the follow-up, tentatively titled Deuxième Partie. In 2004, the full-length No Cities Left was released.

They'll release new album Gang Of Losers.There are some great songs and i think they tried new things not old crap not same sound.You should keep your eyes open for their new album.After listening No cities Left,everyone says it's a great band to listen theese days.Songs in No cities left will touch you,i'm sure it will.
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Cover Cover Cover

twilight singers - she loves you
it's an album which you should put your top greatest cover albums.There are 11 great atmospheric covers.If you listened,i'm sure you'll agree with me about great covers.As you know,The Twilight Singers are a side project for Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli.Twilight singers - Powder burns - 2006 is great album too,i'll write about as soon as.You should consider my opinions to collect a good archive.You interested in cover songs?then you should buy she loves you.Recommended songs are hyperballad(bjork),Strange Fruit(Billie Holliday), black is the color of my true love's hair,summertime, John Coltrane("A Love Supreme") from this album.She loves you is a great album,with a relieved listening,reminding different songs from different styles.
buy she loves you

Modern Music picks:Jesus Christ

Sunday Songs
This song from 1992 album 'Third - Sister Lovers'.With a great opening he is starting to singing:
'Angels from the realms of glory'
'Stars shone bright above'
Guitar riffs are so pure and unadorned but actually this song isn't so simple.Maybe it's a short song but amazingly magical.Listen after and after you'll see what i wanted to say.There are other great classic Big Star songs in this album.You can find a couple of great songs.If you love lazy guitars with pure vocals and relaxing music Third - Sister Lovers will be the right choice.
buy from amazon

Hear Thom Yorke's album now!

'The Eraser' is previewed online

Thom Yorke's debut solo album is available to listen to online.

Fans can hear snippets of the Radiohead man's LP 'The Eraser' online ahead of its' July 10 release date.

To access the preview clips, go to

Meanwhile Radiohead are currently on a US tour. At the second of their gigs at New York Madison Square Garden on Wednesday (June 14) Yorke dedicated 'No Surprises' to REM frontman Michael Stipe, who was in the crowd.

Album of Week:Denim - Back in denim

After Lawrence Hayward's project Felt he released couple albums under name Denim.And this album is including good songs such as American Rock,The Osmonds,Livin' on the Streets.Especially if you like Pulp you'll like denim albums too.The beguiling eight-minute "The Osmonds" runs down a list of everything an English boy could encounter in the '70s, from velvet flares to the I.R.A.Livin' on the Streets ,which is including full of pure guitar melodies,should be great after listening a pulp,television,felt,lou reed song.You can consider his voice and his vocal style with lou reed and you aren't wrong.Back in denim,also contains Indie Pop,neoglam styles.You can find rhythmic and slow songs with balance,I'm sure you'll like 'back in denim'.


Felt was the project of Britain's enigmatic Lawrence Hayward, a singer/songwriter who transformed his long-standing obsession with the music of Tom Verlaine and Television into an impressive catalog of minimalist pop gems and, ultimately, cult stardom. The first Felt single, "Index," was produced by Hayward alone in his bedroom on a portable cassette player; released in 1979, its primitive, impressionistic sound stood in stark contrast to the sleek solemnity of the new wave (as did Hayward's much-discussed "new puritan" stance, a rejection of alcohol, smoking and drugs), and as a result the record became the subject of lavish critical praise, leading to a contract with the Cherry Red label.

Hayward then set about assembling a band, although Felt was clearly his project and his alone; in fact, his control was so absolute that according to legend, original drummer Tony Race was fired primarily because he had curly hair. After a series of roster shuffles, a steady group including guitarist Maurice Deebank and drummer Gary Ainge began to take shape in time to record 1981's Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty EP. The addition of the classically-trained Deebank allowed Hayward to realize a level of guitar interplay similar to the twin attack of Television's Verlaine and Richard Lloyd; Hayward's understated vocals brought comparison to another downtown New York icon, however -- Lou Reed.

After one more EP, 1984's The Splendour of Fear, Felt issued its long-awaited full-length LP The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories, in 1984. The group's ranks swelled to include keyboardist Martin Duffy prior to recording 1985's Ignite the Seven Cannons with producer Robin Guthrie, whose fellow Cocteau Twin Liz Fraserguested on the single "Primitive Painters," a major British indie chart hit. Despite their success, internal friction plagued the group -- Hayward and Ainge were once forced to mount an infamously disastrous two-man improvisational festival performance after Deebank and Duffy abruptly walked out -- and finally Deebank left for good prior to the release of 1986's Ballad of the Band EP, Felt's first effort for the Creation label.

In the wake of the guitarist's exit, the group's next album, 1986's Let the Snakes Crinkle Their Heads, became a brief instrumental outing, but its follow-up, Forever Breathes the Lonely Word, was acclaimed as Felt's masterpiece. Mayo Thompson produced 1987's Poem of the River EP, while Guthrie returned to man the spartan mini-album The Final Resting of the Ark. Two dramatically different LPs, The Pictorial Jackson Review and Train Above the City -- the latter of which did not even include Hayward -- followed in 1988, and upon issuing 1989's Me and a Monkey on the Moon, Felt announced its break-up. Hayward soon resurfaced in the 1970s revivalist project Denim.

Interview with Kim Gordon

The queen of the experimental-rock jet set, Kim Gordon chats about Rather Ripped, the possibility of a solo album, and her daughter's self-discovery thru music.
Click Here to Read interview

Radiohead - The Bends

The Bends, released in 1995, is the second full length album by English rock band Radiohead. Radiohead were well on their way to stardom, especially in the US, thanks to the huge success of the single "Creep" from their first LP Pablo Honey. The Bends met with stronger acclaim and assured their role as a standard-bearer of 1990s "indie" Brit-rock/alternative music. Though only an under-the-radar success in America (in the shadow of both "Creep" and Radiohead's later albums), in the UK The Bends remains well known to listeners outside the band's cult fanbase, and well liked by many who disavow their later material. Its musical style has increasingly formed a template for recent British pop bands.
It's cerebral anthemic rock. Occasionally, the album displays its influences, whether it's U2, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., or the Pixies.
While Radiohead saw its stock rising in 1994, it wasn't until 1995's The Bends that it really became a blue chip band. And for good reason. The quintet honed its talent for bombastic Brit Rock, yet still preserved an edge of unpredictability.

The title of The Bends refers to decompression sickness, when deep-sea divers come up too quickly -- a comment on the band's sudden fame. The lyrics are filled with Yorke's unhappiness rendered as health metaphors: He makes himself a cripple who can't climb the stairs in "Bones," and with "My Iron Lung," he immobilizes himself even more completely and complains, "This is our new song/Just like the last one/A total waste of time."

Low Lustre

Underground Archive
A new indie band from Minnesota.First i listen their song named 'Vampire'
Nate Borgen(vocal) has adaptation with music,guitars are good and enough to say it's indie sound.Why i'm saying this?Because you can't say 'indie music is evident with its sound' so it's indie and relieved.Their music is relieved too.They're playing good and there isn't disorder.Their influences are Wilco, early U2, Interpol, Primal Scream, The Walkmen, My Bloody Valentine, The Verve but i can't say they have similar ways with these bands.I think they only love these bands.Ok,maybe there are some similarities but it isn't unusual.Mostly,i compared they with the walkmen.

And i think they are trying to do their own music.

you can listen and download some of their songs from this page.Modern music recommends their song named 'Missed Me' and 'too far to go'.'too far to go' is really worth to listen.Now let's discover them.

Here are the latest Hard-Fi remixes

First of all,i should say my favorite one is Minotaur Shock remix of Hard to beat (listen Real,listen media).If you listen electronic music then you can look Maritime By Minotaur Shock which is released last year.Vigo Bay is a great song from this album.

Ashley Beedle,Axwell Mix remixes are well as Minotaur shock remix but not great i should say.

Also you can watch Hard to Beat Video (Real player,media player,quicktime)

Brad Sucks

Underground Archive
I'm listening I Dont Know What Im Doing a 2003 album by Brad Sucks.And i really love to give credits this bands. Brad Sucks is a one-man band who writes, records, mixes and distributes his music from his home in Ottawa, Canada.I'm taking mails for reviewing but i don't write any info about a band or artist which i don't like.
My first recommendation will be 'Work Out Fine' from this album.Strangely,it's the last song.Starting with slow vocals and leaving the music to placid guitar solos.

'Look And Feel Years Younger' is combining slow vocals with sharp guitar sounds.And again you'll hear an indie style guitar solo near the end of song.I think it is wanderful and it is not simple at all.Shining and rising at your ear with listening more then one.'Fixing My Brain' is another song same sound with 'Work Out Fine'.But there is anything different in this song.There is little happiness beyond this song.

'Bad Attraction' is a rhythmic song.''Yeah yeah'',''Satisfaction yeah ,Bad Attraction yeah',and suddenly music changes you're noticing great vocal performance with guitar creaks,Guitar solos are really awesome,it's the best song of this album.

'I Think I Started A Trend' has a taste like alternative country songs.I think you won't find an unique style in this album (indie rock,indie electronic,lo fi,indie pop).There are lots of styles which are strolling around indie mainly.You can listen whole album from here.

The Starry Tides

Underground Archive:
I'm really love to listen experimental musics.this
Style is an opportunity for a brain travel.You don't tire
and you don't walk but when you're listening an experimental music
it's experimental rock or experimental doesn't matter,but if it has
indie influences so then there is only thing to say it's delicious.

The Starry tides is an experimental/Indie/Folk band from San Francisco Their sound between some 'pavement' influences and some 'Sonic youth' and let's mix some peaceful sound of 'The blue nile'.

They incfluence list contains a lot of great name like the Minutemen,
Stars,Braniac,Brian eno,Nick drake,Jeff buckley,Big star....

And their music is quite similar with mogwai if you know them.

Cover Cover Cover

I'll recommend a cover album this week.A good cover album.Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs have teamed up as a fictional couple named Sid and Susie to produce this awesome album of great 1960s music.If you like to listen cover album you can listen Under The Covers Vol. 1 by Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs.There are great covers such as Alone again or(Love),cinnamon girl(neil young),It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan),Sunday Morning (The Velvet Underground),Warmth Of The Sun (The Beach Boys) and more...Man and woman vocal is good and also lively guitar this album

While lookin' my music archive:Space

it's a great choice to listen their spiders album
if you're interested in britpop bands from 90's
There are such great songs like Female Of The Species
Kill Me,Neighbourhood and a sorrowful song named
spiders.The album and band shows there were better
bands in 90s than now.They haven't got lots of album
but they've great two album.So it's not a good thing to
release one album every year .
They make me boring after album and album.Because always
the same commercial sound or same simple lyrics.

So then listen Space,i'm sure you'll like.Buy Spiders

Modern Music picks:Breaking into Heaven

Sunday Songs:
Oh my god! tell me a song that you'll say this words when you are listening...
You don't know a song like that?Then Modern Music Picks songs for you.This weekend we'll talk about an amazing long song.'Breaking into Heaven' you can find this song Second Coming album by Stone Roses.The song lenght is 11:22.Starting with jungle effects.To the end of the song you won't believe that you listened a song.The song looks like a full album.Also you can find other great songs in this album but i think the best is 'Breaking into Heaven'.with rising and falling guitar solos.'Breaking into Heaven' is a great choice for a sunday this song

Dark Side Of The Moon 'Most Life Changing Song'(News!)

Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ is the most life changing song of all time, according to a new poll.

The prog-rocker’s seminal track came out top of a new Radio Two vote with 23-per-cent, easily beating Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ (17-per-cent) and The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows (16-per-cent).

The Floyd’s David Gilmour gushes, "It's fantastic. What can I say except be thrilled. It's a good combination of great music and great lyrics. It's music for people who have a brain as well as a soul, I think.

"The theme that Roger (Waters) tackles so well with his words are universal and they are just as relevant today as they were 33 years ago when it first came out."

Surprisingly, John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ failed miserably, alongside REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’.

Radio Two’s Jeremy Vine explains, "Dark Side of the Moon won hands down. People just love it. For its mammoth sense of scale and all the invention, it's still wonderful."

The Sleepy Jackson - Acid In My Heart

Band Of Horses - Wicked Gil ( live version)


check more Band of Horses out:
Best of Indie Rock 2006

Sondre Lerche - I Guess It'S Gonna Rain Today

Heartbeat Radio is the fifth album by Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist Sondre Lerche. The album was released in the U.S. on September 8, 2009 and in Europe on September 14. The album was released on Rounder Records, and is distributed digitally, on CD and on vinyl LP.

Martin L. Gore - Stardust (Counterfeit² 2003)

Stardust is an amazing song from former Depeche Mode member Martin L. Gore.

Sondre Lerche - Nevermind The Typos

Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard (Four-Calendar Café 1993)

Bluebeard is one of the most Cocteau Twins songs. If you like any genre related to dream pop and alternative pop/rock you will love this.

Sigur Ros Win Prestigious Video Award(News!)

The promotional video for Sigur Ros’ ‘Glosoli’ scooped the Best Rock Video award at the Creative & Design Awards. The event was held at London’s Hammersmith Palais last night, with the Icelanders beating off competition from the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Oasis, Mew and Kaiser Chiefs.

The video, filmed in their native country, features a bunch of children following a Pied Piper type figure off the edge of a cliff.

It’s not the first time the band have scooped a top honour for a video – in 2003 they won Video of the Year at the MTV Europe Awards for ‘( )1’.

Spotlight:Secret Machines

Revealing a sharp songwriting instinct and unfolding a distinct indie rock influence, the Secret Machines unveil singular scenarios and refined tunes within the alternative pop/rock scene. Drummer Benjamin Curtis, Josh Garza, and Brandon Curtis (vocals, bass) formed the Secret Machines in the midst of summer of 2000, in Dallas, TX. The trio swiftly managed to create its own sounding marks, mostly due to a common musical and band experience. Before forming the Machines, the Curtis brothers played with the punk rock squad UFOFU; in addition, Brandon's also a regular headliner of the Dallas underground music scene, namely through his active participation in projects such as Captain Audio alongside Garza. After several months of rehearsals and recording sessions in Chicago with engineer Brian Deck, the Machines offered their debut disc, the EP September 000, in March of 2002. After touring throughout much of 2002, the band returned to their adopted hometown of New York City and began recording the debut full-length for Reprise with producer Jeff Blenkinsopp. The album Now Here is Nowhere was released in May of 2004. Ten Silver Drops followed two years later.
Modern Music recommends their second album Now Here is Nowhere

Album of Week:Firewater

Firewater:The Man on the Burning Tightrope
You should listen this album in this chart,if you consider these albums,you won't regret.Highly highly i recommend this album. Firewater creates dazzling and alluring music from the ugliness of everyday life.Their music is not rubbish,it is honest more then anything.I think gypsy punk is very affecting style.You can find folk rock,punk and rock'n'roll combination and little gipsy..:)
Do you like barker vocals like Tom Waits so then this is the album which you are looking for.Anything at all,Too many angels,Man on the burning Tightrope,Don't make it stop are higly recommended songs from this album.I openly say you can see Tom Waits influences on 'The dog and pony show' and 'two many angels'.This album really rocksss... buy this

The Most Modern 10 (4)

1.Mojave 3 - Breaking the icebuy this
2.The walkmen - Louisiana
3.Phoenix - Long Distance Callbuy this
4.Sonic Youth - Incinerate
5.Gary numan - in a dark place(New)buy this
6.Primal Scream - Country girl
7.Divine comedy - diva lady(New)
8.Barzin - just more drugs
9.Frank Black - It's Just Not Your Momentbuy this
10.Paul weller - Thats entertainment(live)(New)

This week's important album is 'Jagged' by Gary Numan.And also you can look Divine comedy's and Paul Weller's new live two disc album 'Catch Flame'.I still suggest Mojave 3's new album it can bring happiness to your summer(and Phoenix).But if you still prefer dark melodies with electronic sound it'll be a great choice to listen Gary Numan's last release.

'Fifth Beatle' dies(News!)

Billy Preston was 59
'Fifth Beatle' Billy Preston has died aged 59.

The keyboard player, who played with the Fab Four as well as The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, had been battling chronic kidney failure for some time. He underwent a kidney transplant in 2002, but the kidney failed and he has been on dialysis treatments ever since.

The star's manager Joyce Moore told Billboard that Preston had been in a coma in a care facility since November. He was taken to a hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona at the weekend (June 3) after his condition deteriorated.

Preston is best known for providing keyboards on The Beatles' 'Let It Be' album, most notably a solo on the Number One single 'Get Back'. He even performed with them the last time they played live, at the rooftop concert in central London in 1969. It was around this time he began to be dubbed 'The fifth Beatle' by fans and the press.

Preston also later appeared on solo albums by Beatles pals George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr.

He also most notably guested with The Rolling Stones on their classic albums 'Sticky Fingers' and 'Exile On Main Street', as well as Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks', Sly And The Family Stone's 'There's A Riot Goin' On' and Aretha Franklin's 'Young, Gifted And Black'.

Preston was also successful as a solo artist in the Seventies, winning a best instrumental Grammy in 1973 for the track 'Outta Space'.

Mick Jagger was among the first paying tribute to Preston, saying: "Billy was a fantastic and gifted musician...a superb singer at both recording sessions and live. He was great fun to be with onstage when touring with us...I will miss him a lot."

Jagger's bandmate Keith Richards, himself recovering from a recent operation, added: "One For Billy, a genius with all the baggage! Too soon, so great! Miss you."

Cover Cover Cover

Japan - All Tomorrow's Parties(velvet u. cover)
This is a cover from Japan's Quiet Life album. Excellent cover,especially classic japan melodies but still not apart from V.U. version.David Sylvian's voice with the harmony is inside.Soporific great song,the best part of song is guitar solos middle.I know you'll certainly not miss this for listen

The Decemberists Ready New Album For October(news!)

Their major label debut...

Cult American heroes The Decemberists have revealed the first details of their major label debut.

Since signing to Capitol Records the band has been working on the follow up to 2005’s rather brilliant ‘Picturesque’.

The record they have produced ‘The Crane Wife’ will hit shops on October 2 with the band working on around 22 songs for the album, some apparently 10 minutes long according to Pitchfork.

In a mail-out to fans the band hailed the material as “undoubtedly the best thing we've done to date. And while that might smack of hyperbole ('didn't they say that about the last record?,' you well may be thinking...), we can guarantee that it, at the very least, will be decidedly above average."

The anticipation is palpable!

The Divine Comedy - Victory For The Comic Muse

Modern Music Album Review:
Oh...Such a great great album.I think it'S one of the best adult release in this year.
As you know Modern Music reviews chosen ones. So "Victory For The Comic Muse" is what we look for to listen.

Divine Comedy will crush our world with this full of sorrowful release. Great piano and vocals are joining to pure sound and becaming a wanted album.

Opening song with Diva lady,directly you will be exciting if you're interested in
magical music. Songs are holding you one by one. Vocals are very fascinating.

As a matter of fact,this album takes control from me while i'm listening.i can easly
say there is scott walker influences but really it isn't a copy work.Also
Divine Comedy influenced by scott walker and this is a reason to be proud of them.

The plough is another factor which is important reason to give high point to this
album. Party fears two is an another gem which you shouldn't miss while listening.
You can find your own favorite song in this album.It is cocksure I am talking to it.
Too much work has been spent,we can simply see.Flying...
release date:June 19, 2006

Grateful Dead member dies(News!)

Vince Welnick is fourth keyboard player in cult band to die

Grateful Dead keyboard player Vince Welnick has died. He was 55.

Welnick took over as the cult band's keyboard player in 1990 and continued until the band retired from performing following the death of founder and frontman Jerry Garcia in 1995.

"Vince passed from this earth on 2 June 2006... after a decade of battling tragedy while creating beauty and light around him," a statement on Welnick's website said.

No cause of death was given on the website.

However, local newspaper Mercury News, which covers the San Francisco Bay Area near where Welnick lived, has claimed it was suicide. They report that the musician was taken, injured, from his home to a local hospital where he died.

Welnick is the fourth keyboard player from the Grateful Dead to have died. Founding vocalist and keyboard player Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan, a heavy drinker, died of liver failure in 1973. Then, Keith Godchaux died in a car accident in 1980 and Brent Mydland died in 1990 of a drug overdose.

Talk About Album Covers:Gary Numan


The classic self-titled debut by Gary Numan's Tubeway Army.You can say what a simple cover,but you shouldn't think like that...Because this simple tells everyway in this album.Simplicity versus confusing.It's hard to explane but there are lots of pleasing combination of tones with this cover,perfect.Look at his look and listen this album looking the cover.You'll be amazed with this harmony.
You can find this album too dark but if you're interested in dark melodies in post-punk you shouldn't miss this

Bob Dylan:Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline is an album by Bob Dylan, released in 1969. Building on John Wesley Harding's artistic shift towards simpler music, Dylan used Nashville Skyline as a springboard for complete immersion into country music.

The result received some mixed reaction from critics at the time, but Nashville Skyline, despite its brevity (it is Dylan's shortest album), was a commercial success. Reaching #3 in the US, the album also scored Dylan his 4th UK #1 album.

At the beginning of "Girl of the North Country" either Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash can be heard swallowing a drink of water.

There's no discounting that Nashville Skyline, arriving in the spring of 1969, established country-rock as a vital force in pop music, as well as a commercially viable genre.

Bob Dylan:Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 Revisited, widely regarded as one of the greatest albums ever, was the sixth album released by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. It includes nine original songs, including Dylan's first U.S. top ten single, "Like A Rolling Stone".

It was regularly featured in blues songs, notably Mississippi Fred McDowell's "61 Highway" and James "Son" Thomas's "Highway 61."

Opening with the epic "Like a Rolling Stone," Highway 61 Revisited careens through nine songs that range from reflective folk-rock ("Desolation Row") and blues ("It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry") to flat-out garage rock ("Tombstone Blues," "From a Buick 6," "Highway 61 Revisited").

The Most Modern 10 (3)

1.Frank Black - It's Just Not Your Moment buy this
2.Mojave 3 - Breaking the icebuy this
3.The walkmen - Louisiana
4.Sonic Youth - Incineratebuy this
5.Phoenix - Long Distance Callbuy this (New)
6.Primal Scream - Country girlbuy this
7.Tom Verlaine - Documentarybuy this
8.Scott Walker - Cossacks Arebuy this
9.Barzin - just more drugsbuy this (New)
10.The Red Krayola - cruise boatbuy this

This is the week's important album is My Life In Rooms from Barzin.if you love melancholic lyrics like Tindersticks,Leonard cohen,Mojave 3 this album is to full you.


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Thom Yorke's Album Leaks Online(News!)

Thom Yorke’s solo album ‘The Eraser’ has leaked over a month ahead of its release.

Limited copies of the albums have been sent out to various agencies and according to, one has slipped through the net and appeared online.

Promotional copies of the album have been uniquely coded with the receiver’s details, but it’s not known whether the person who leaked the album is being traced.

‘The Eraser’ hits the shelves in the UK on July 10 and a day later Stateside.

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