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It may seem that the same Best of Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry keeps being reissued under different names, first Street Life in 1986 and then More Than This in 1999, because in a way it is. More Than This shares no less than 15 tracks with the 20-track Street Life. Instead of giving time to the great, arty side of Roxy Music, it concentrates on Bryan Ferry the crooner, which means "Pyjamarama" and "Do the Strand" are no longer here, but such latter-day solo cuts as "Don't Stop the Dance," "Kiss and Tell," and "I Put a Spell on You" (all not on Street Life) are, along with "I'm in the Mood for Love," a "preview" of his standards album As Time Goes By, which was released just a week after More Than This. All this track shuffling doesn't result in a radically different collection, though it is one that is slightly worse than its predecessor, since it doesn't really do Roxy justice. If it had been assembled as a collection of Ferry's solo material, it might have been a little more useful (then again, the casual fan who would buy a collection of Ferry hits would probably want the latter-day Roxy singles, since Ferry just didn't have that many hits on his own), but as it stands, More Than This is just an acceptable, entertaining sampler.


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The first five Roxy albums, made when the band were at their most inventive, seem to have been largely forgotten these days. People, the people at the record company at least, seem mainly interested in the later MOR years.

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